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Nikolai Aleksandrovich Yevtushenko Empty Nikolai Aleksandrovich Yevtushenko

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IRC Nickname: Exacerangutan

Character Name: Nikolai Vergilovich Yevtushenko
Original Dimension: DMC Earth, 2026

Race: Devil! At least, mostly...
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 200lbs
Likes: Russian music, Russian cuisine, humanism, living to the fullest
Dislikes: Devils, people with no appreciation for culture, nihilists

Physical Description (Or picture):
Nik's tall, well-muscled, and sexy like a rugged professional model. He has long black hair down to his shoulders, and wears red JLs over his astonishingly blue eyes. He almost always wears super-high-quality dress shirts and trousers. He tends to grin cheerfully, when he's not making comedically ultraserious faces, but he almost always comes off as either an explosion of Slavic good cheer or a total buffoon. Those with the ability to sense the dark power of Devils and so on, however, might sense that he's been in contact with some kind of Hellish forces. Also, he's almost always smoking.

Powers and Special Abilities:
Nik has been trained by a number of master swordsmen and ex-Spetsnaz; he's earned quite a lot of high regard among Russian fencing circuits, and he's got a very solid background in military Sambo. He's also a truly fantastic driver, having grown up hobnobbing with the ultra-wealthy and rubbing elbows with all kinds of edge-pushing elements of society--apparently his talent for driving really does translate into piloting. Finally, he has several years' training in ancient Earth history, literature, and mythology with a specialization in demonology, and to better develop those skills, he has learned several languages to a high degree of fluency, including ancient Persian, ancient Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Latin.
He has also been seen, thus far, to be able to form a scimitar in each hand, which are apparently tough enough to withstand lightsaber blades. He has also been seen to form full-body armor which can generate bright blue hellfire, and has disappeared into and emerged from a concrete floor. A couple of people have also probably noticed that he's substantially physically stronger than a normal human. Whatever other diabolic powers he may have are yet to be seen by the crew!

Weapons and Gear:
Nik still appears to be unarmed, but the fact those scimitars can pop up in his hands apparently out of nowhere probably helps to explain this...

Nik and his mother, Natalya Nikolaiyevna, first appeared in official documentation in the Ukraine around the summer of 2014. The boy was almost completely antisocial--according to his mother, his father had died and they had fled from his extended family who wanted to take the boy from her and do the Devil-knows-what with him. It turns out that the "family" were in fact the hellish agents of a devil called Mundus, who had wanted to use him as a weapon. Being a woman whose staggering beauty was rivaled only by her intelligence and cunning, Natalya quickly found a more secure position as the wife of one of the small handful of extremely wealthy individuals who had risen to prominence in early 21st century Russia, by the name Aleksandr Petrovich Yevtushenko.
Within a few years, Nikolai began to open up with his mother's encouragement, and began absorbing culture voraciously. Natalya fostered her son's fondnesses for martial arts, literature and history, helping him blossom into a dashing young man--who also developed a passion for driving cars with a reckless, carefree ease like a parkour master for automobiles. Unfortunately, when Nikolai was 22 years old--having just completed his second Master's degree, in ancient history--his beloved mother disappeared without a trace. The evidence pointed to foul play, although no perpetrator was ever indicated; she had in fact been killed by devils hoping to get her out of the way in order to retrieve Nikolai. Although Nikolai and Aleksandr got along quite poorly (Nikolai had practically no respect for the man he considered a pudgy, miserly glorified pencil-pusher) Natalya had bound Aleksandr up in such masterful legal fetters that he had no choice but to continue treating Nikolai as his heir--else he was in grave danger of retroactively implicating himself in her demise, not to mention embarrassing himself in front of the high society which had come to accept the youth so completely.
Nikolai himself delved into his studies still more deeply, since then, extending his studies into all manner of esoteric demonological lore and ancient mythology, quickly making himself something of an expert in the field, spurred on by his mother's murder and aided greatly by his own first-hand knowledge of Hell and its denizens!

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Nikolai Aleksandrovich Yevtushenko Empty Re: Nikolai Aleksandrovich Yevtushenko

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