Preface to Volume 1 of The Marshalship and the Void

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Preface to Volume 1 of The Marshalship and the Void Empty Preface to Volume 1 of The Marshalship and the Void

Post by MajorJim on Mon May 11, 2009 1:11 pm

This book primarily comes from the question that I posed myself, when I first came here as a dimensional refugee, cast out of my own world by a malfunctioning Black Hole Engine.

"Why are these people fighting?" I know for any member of the Marshalship or the Void, this question might seem almost ridiculous, but for CoRe members and dimensional refugees like myself the sheer vastness of the conflict and the data on it can defeat casual inquiry. It is this I hope to remedy with my monograph, as well as giving insight into the natures of those presently engaged in the conflict, so that the battles and sacrifices of the eventual victors, or losers, will not be forgotten.

Another question, upon the heels of the first occurred to me, as I began writing this, "Who are the people who are involved in this conflict?" This question, in many ways, is more important than the why, as history is made by individuals and their actions, as much as the underlying philosophical causes they support.

And so I undertook writing this study as I did, first interviewing every member of the Blaze of Glory that would agree to speak with me, and then casting my net wider amongst the personnel of gatekeeper in general. I was privileged to speak to Marshal Evan Pryde, and Central Marshal Aria Paixi in pursuit of a wider understanding of the root causes of this war. I will admit to my dismay, for the first volume at least, the Void's goals and people were not available to me for firsthand testimony, but I will attempt to remedy this in the second volume.

As far as the individual members of the Blaze of Glory crew, I have transcribed their conversations unedited, except when requested by them to take part of their recollections of themselves or their battles off the record, so the voices you will be hearing are, undoubtedly, theirs, not my own.

I can't say I'm entirely sure -when- I thought of writing this book to properly examine the history of this conflict, as opposed to simply asking myself the questions I've written about above. Perhaps it was simply to meet people and impress girls, as people DO seem to adore talking about themselves. That being said, the book has taken on a life of it's own, and in many ways has become my primary calling aboard the Blaze of Glory. Full disclosure: I am a crew member myself, a member of the Armored Auxiliary, and a Flight Trainer licensed by the Marshalship, so if I have certain biases in my reporting of the various battles please excuse them with the understanding that the author himself as a participant, which can color the way it is portrayed.

I would like to specifically thank a number of people who have assisted me in writing this book:

Juliette Opal d'Aubry, my Editor, for her insightful editing. Captain Ralf Derrison: Captain of the blaze of Glory, for not shooting me out of a goddamn airlock. Security Chief Jackal Egret, for not locking me up in the brig despite being the biggest pain in her ass. The Ziz, and Nikolai, for being my first two chums on the ship, even if I still can't understand a 3rd of what Nikolai is saying. Cadet Shaila Viridiant: For reminding me of just how useful and important this book might be, and, of course, Central Marshal Paixi and Field Marshal Evan Pryde for agreeing to give me access to their personal recollections of things leading up to this conflict, including the day of Reckoning. This is generally where an author would thank his wife or girlfriend for all their support, but since I don't have either one, I'll just generally thank all my friends and crew on the Blaze of glory for putting up with my grim, inquisitive arse for the last half-year.

Hopefully, assuming I don't become a casualty of the very war I'm writing about, there should be a second volume of this following on the heels of the first. I intend to examine and explore as much as I can about the Void as is known, within reason. It is my hope that these books can in some small way promote mutual understanding, and in so doing, perhaps contribute to a peaceful resolution of this conflict.

Major James Mackenzie Foster, EFA
Blaze of Glory Galley, Gatekeeper, date unknown due to temporal instability.

This book is dedicated to the students of Luna base, EFA. Your sacrifice in the DC war shall never be forgotten.

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