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Post by LocheEric on Thu Dec 24, 2009 4:22 am


It's times like this, kid, that I'm glad I built this here.

It's better than the last one, believe me. Don't you think? Course the last one is a pile of rocks, but if you're still anything like your mother, well, I don't think you'd care TOO too much. The effort's where it counts, isn't it?

...Yeah, I figured.

Not a lot changed since the last time I came back, really. Verse's still on the Void. Sh...your sister's still with the Marshalship.

...You know, I wonder. She reminds me so much of your mother, I wonder if it's just that strange whenever it happens all over the multiverse. Sort of odd, really. I guess I should expect that sort of thing by now. It's not like me to be surprised.

You're missing the holidays, although I suppose you're all keen on them wherever you are, now.

I never understood why people wouldn't. ...No, that's not entirely true. I guess...I can understand it.

I don't know. I guess I've wallowed in death for so long that it just seems fitting that to compensate, I wallow in life. Hah! Wasn't that melodramatic? I guess maybe I'm still fit to be a wise old man yet. Maybe I'm just too introspective over the holidays. Commercial as it may be, I guess the real part of it that sticks is that this is the time of year that makes me think about you the most.

I've killed a lot of people, you know that, kid? At least a hundred thousand. But you, what I did with you was the failure that's going to haunt me for the rest of my life, and I'm going to live forever. And all I did to you was nothing.


I'm sorry. I...I know I've said that for a millennium now, but it keeps being true. I know that whatever I can do with Shaila isn't going to make that up to *you*, but...if you're anything like your mother, you'd probably want it this way anyway.

And maybe, I don't know. How else am I going to make up for a lifetime of death other than by living life? Something about balance to be said in there. Verse'd be happy to hear it. I dunno. Maybe I can do something right, even if I'm not a good person.

...guess I'm just rambling now. I always end up doing this...

See you next year, alright?


Galvan Swiftblade got up from the newly constructed tombstone for a son that never knew him, and left.


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