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Post by Erilahl on Thu Mar 19, 2009 9:15 pm

IRC Nickname: Eril
Alternate IRC Nickname(s):

Character Name: Qillathe Cinderstone
Original Dimension: Original
Race: Elf
Age: 508
Sex: Female
Height: 5'0" (Varies up to 3" either way)
Weight: 105 (Varies)
Likes: Adventure, booze, having things, anything that gets the blood pumping.
Dislikes: Sitting around, meditation, overly stuffy people.

Physical Description (Or picture):
Qillathe is elven, and it certainly shows in her features. Her face is more angular than a human's, though not gaunt. She's curvier than most of her people, though her exact body shape and size fluctuates a bit from day to day due to her power. She has long, pointed ears that frame her head, and auburn hair that seems to be a different length each day.

Powers and Special Abilities:
Regeneration: Qillathe can regenerate from any wound so long as there is one molecule of her being still remaining. A full regeneration takes around a half hour for her body to reform, smaller wounds can heal in proportionately shorter times. Cuts and bruises heal almost immediately.
Additionally, she's a skilled fighter, with both blades and guns. A crack shot with any gun, she's not a person you want to get into a marksmanship contest with. However, she quite obviously hasn't explored her full potential as a fighter due to her regenerative abilities. She tends to fight brutally and bluntly, just regenerating through combat as opposed to fighting defensively. She's very dextrous in general, though doesn't often make the best of it. Though she feels pain, she barely notices it at this point from centuries of taking what would be mortal wounds.

Weapons and Gear:
Qillathe carries an ornately crafted and ensorcelled rifle. She only manages to hang onto it because it's keyed to her body, become a very part of her, that it can be recreated along with the rest of her form. It enables her to enhance her already considerable marksmanship skill even more. If the shot isn't completely blocked, odds are good she can make it. Other than the gun, however, everything she carries is transient. clothing, armor and weaponry lost as she plows her way heedless through dangers. Valuables spent in exchange for drink and other temporary pleasures.

While basically unkillable, Qillathe can certainly be disabled. Losing limbs will slow her down as they regrow, and of course if destroyed she takes time to reform and do anything. If she can be bound, she can be held, though she has been known to wound herself just to break bonds. She has no particular defense against mental or magical powers.

Background (Please keep this semi-short - the best way to find out about a character is through roleplay): Qillathe hails from a world not unlike our own, though sentient races besides humans grow and prosper beside them. As far as where she gained her abilities or how she ended up caught by the Blaze's dimensional attractor, well, she's not forthcoming at this point.

Edit: Qillathe in the CoH style, except her ears should be upwards, not back.
Qillathe Cinderstone Qillathe

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Post by Sokai on Thu Mar 19, 2009 9:52 pm


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