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Anastasia of Facinaturu Empty Anastasia of Facinaturu

Post by nephrite on Thu Mar 19, 2009 9:43 pm

Character Name: Anastasia
Original Dimension: Saga Frontier

Race: "Half"-Mystic
Age: Mystic
Sex: Female
Height: 5'10
Weight: Mystic

Physical Description (Or picture):

Powers and Special Abilities:

Mystic Equipment - Equipment that every Mystic, even Half Mystics have
access to. These items are bound to the soul of the user and have the
capability to steal the souls of slain enemies and power the user up. Currently,
however, her Mystic equipment has only rudimentary monsters that only
provide some basic skills.

*Mystic Sword - Absorbed Monster: (EDIT 6/6): Parasite Cage
Tecnnique: Nomnom - Chows down on a monster with a vicious attack... no cage though.

*Mystic Boots - Absorbed Monster: Fairy
Technique: Elf Shot - Releases bursts of energy towards an enemy. Not entirely damaging, but flashy!

*Mystic Gloves - Absorbed Monster: (EDIT 6/6) Atma Weapon (...)
Technique: [Mind Blast] Utilizes magical mind-altering magics to change the status of targets in the vicinity.


Anastasia's magical potential is very great. Normally, Mystics cannot
learn very many new skills, but because of her heritage, she was
gifted with the ability to learn many new skills. Of course, it may take a while!

Mystic Magic (Gift):

The magic all Mystics are born and gifted with. These spells are for protection and generally do not harm opponents, but are capable of confusing them.

Specific Spells:

Fascination - The power of a Mystic lies in their ability to charm
others with their magic, making them temporarily do their bidding.
This can be very helpful, as you might imagine.

Glass Shield - Protecting ones self is also important. This will
shield her from harm from almost any attack.

Mirror Shade - Creates several copies of her to confuse enemies. These
copies can do no actual damage and are destroyed in one hit.

Spirit Magic (No Gift):

Spirit Magic was known to only one other Mystic, Princess Rei. But she
has imparted some of that knowledge on to Anastasia who can cast some
spells of that school.

Specific Spells:

Poison Jackal - Releases a magical stream of energy, shaped as a
jackal to hit an opponent. After the magic subsides, poison is left in
the general area.

Terrifying Black Cat - Like the Jackal, but releases energy in the
shape of a panther. This spell can really mess up someone's perception
of reality for a few moments.

Petrifying Cockatrice - A cockatrice is an infamous monster that can
cause petrification. This spell damages one and can also temporarily
cause a limb or two to be encased in stone.

Light Magic (No Gift)

Starlight Heal - A basic spell, calling on the power of one's will to
heal another with a sparkling ray of sunshine.

Sun Ray - Another basic spell, this attacks an enemy with an intense
beam of sunlight.

Martial Arts

Has a rudimentary understanding of Martial Arts. Can do a variety of
moves, but her limiting factor is her endurance right now. She has,
supposedly, learned much about something known as a Dream Super Combo, but perhaps she's
simply missing some key ability? Regardless, her potential is high, but until she has that lightbulb is turned on she'll have to make due.

Specific Skills:

Punch - Yes.
Kick - You better believe it.
Sliding - Hey, it could be important.
Giant Swing - The ability to grab someone and throw them might come in handy!


Swordsmanship is an important ability for anyone to learn. Although
her mother did teach her some rather key techniques, she's still got
to use her own abilities until she has that "lightbulb" of inspiration, you know?

Stun Slash - If you hit someone hard enough, they'll get stunned. Right?
Gale Slash - An ability that whips blades of wind in an enemy's direction.
Tres Flores - A sword skill that mystifies many opponents by conjuring images of flowers before they are impaled. Supposedly, the flowers hypnotize the foe.

EDIT: (6/6)

Thrust: The ability to stab with a sword... sounds cool, doesn't it?
Triple Thrust: It isn't really three thrusts, but it definitely hits an enemy three times with a knock into the air and then back down again!

Weapons and Gear:

Asura, the Great Demon Sword - A sword given to her by her mother, but
its sheer weight and overwhelming power are something she still must
get used to.

Using the sword weakens her life right now, as she still has yet to
control its power.

Mystic Wear: An undershirt that is supposedly worn by all Mystics. It
supposedly has magical properties.

Weaknesses: Her ability to fight for long periods of time is not high.
Until she gets much more experience, she will not be able to
accomplish much on the battlefield by herself.

Background (Please keep this semi-short - the best way to find out
about a character is through roleplay): Born as the daughter and heir
to the new Lord of Mystics, Asellus, Anastasia was crafted through some means of
combination of Asellus and her lover, Gina. Pampered and protected
from the outside world,

Anastasia eventually got fed up of the life inside the gates of the
Rose Castle, Facinaturu and wanted to leave. Informed of a traitorous being known as Reven, she begged a favor of Virgil himself to get her where she needed to go.

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Anastasia of Facinaturu Empty Re: Anastasia of Facinaturu

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