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Post by Dulkor on Thu Mar 19, 2009 10:52 pm

IRC Nickname: Dulkor
Alternate IRC Nickname(s):

Character Name: Eleste
Original Dimension: Original

Race: Mistern
Age: 30
Sex: Female
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 132 lbs
Likes: Computers, AIs, Classified Information, Not Leaving a Trail
Dislikes: Getting forced into a stand-up fight, not having a plan, censorship, governments, "Jerk partners who leave you to rot in a cell for three days when it's their own fault the exit plan got shot to hell... I'm not bitter, no."

Physical Description (Or picture):
Eleste possesses ivory skin and mid-back length violet hair, usually kept in place with a simple length of black ribbon tying it loosely together just below her ears, which are eleven inches long and pointed. She has dark blue eyes, and an ever present hint of a grin. Her build is incredibly light and fragile, and she dresses very tomboyishly. Dirty old combat boots, many pocketed brown pants, a white tank top and a beaten up jacket that's more than a couple sizes too large for her. Her personal terminal is always on her somewhere, along with several other ways to access information networks at at least one weapon.

When on official Blaze of Glory field work, or sometimes just while training or 'in uniform', she dresses in loose fitting, easy to move in black pants with a matching black field vest. She keeps her crossbow on her right thigh and a knife on her left boot. Her personal terminal is openly strapped down to her left forearm.

Eleste Pbucket

Powers and Special Abilities:
Eleste is an incredibly skilled hacker and smuggler. Between her custom coded tools and her own reflexes and mental fortitude, she's quite capable of breaking past electronic security systems. Her time spent as a smuggler lends her more mundane thieving techniques as well, from picking pockets to picking locks.

She's fairly handy with pistols and mini-crossbows, as well as proficient in defensive martial arts.

Eleste has, through months of training, regained her old skills with knives. She is also currently learning how to properly wield a bladed chain, but hasn't achieved much more than baseline proficiency thus far.

Training under Galvan Swiftblade, Eleste has learned some of his arts of stealth. Currently, she can render herself invisible, hide in a pocket dimension within her own shadow, use said pocket dimension to trap others and 'shadowstep' to teleport short ranges to any shadow she has a clear line of sight to.

Shadowdance - Eleste has mastered shadowstep to the point of having a massive advantage when fighting against groups of relatively weaker opponents, able to jump in and out of shadows rapidly to cover ground and engage her foes on her own terms. This combat technique can be time consuming and tiring, but when properly performed can grievously injure or kill multiple combatants over time with relatively reduced risk to her own well-being.

Possesses a racial resistance to pain.

Weapons and Gear:
Stunner Pistol - delivers a nice neural shock at range to disable foes

Las Pistol - Somewhat more lethal

Mini-crossbow - A high tech hand-held crossbow built by Shaila. Magazine fed, magnetically drawn and stealthy. It collapses down to fit in a pistol holster. Currently she has the following bolts: Explosive tipped, armor piercing and a neurotoxin based tranquilizer.

Ring of Dexterity - Rather openly worn on her left hand, the gold rune-covered ring is more than a simple declaration of her relationship. It carries an enchantment that, when the proper command word is spoken aloud or sub-vocalized, increases Eleste's natural agility and coordination for fifteen minute intervals. Three uses per day.

Personal Terminal - Miniaturized system access key that projects a holographic interface. Used for 'on site' jobs where for whatever reason, she can't remain behind and use her main equipment.

Mainframe Terminal - Eleste's main source of computing power, a custom prepared super computer that is, unfortunately, too fragile and bulky to take in the field, and must be used via a network link to the PT when accessing remote systems. Far more effective when Eleste is able to use it directly instead of by the PT's remote access.

Many, many knives.


When forced to act within tight constraints, be they of time, situation or other, her work is considerably sloppier.

She's been growing steadily more impulsive in the last few months, and it doesn't always manifest in harmless ways...

Background (Please keep this semi-short - the best way to find out about a character is through roleplay):
Eleste was born in a universe slowly climbing out of anarchy. Growing up, she saw nations rise and fall, a perpetual refugee in a stream of every race her galaxy held. Wary of the new governments and the oppression they all seemed to carry to hold order, she fled to the only lawless territories. There she became a smuggler of minor renown and a hacker who, while never identified in person, was an infamous whisper on the forums of hackers and security forces alike. She hardly ever used what she discovered maliciously, however. Instead, she uncovered the buried secrets of everyone she could get within her reach, and anonymously exposed them on a secretive datanet known as 'The Archive', a place where information flowed freely and those who knew how to find it could uncover evidence of black operations, illicit research, and other dirty laundry of the various system governments.

When The Magistrate came to her already weakened and war-torn home, it harvested everything of use and left system after system a wasteland. Left a refugee once more, she wandered and eventually found the CoRe. Her inherent distrust of high level authority kept her from ever joining, and instead she started exploring this new reality, learning its past and secrets. Then one fateful day while she was staying on Verorox, she heard the news that former Marshal Sokai Hemmingway was being given command of the only politically neutral, D-Jump capable vessel.

Needless to say, she was very intrigued.

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