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Post by Madoushi on Sat Mar 21, 2009 1:30 pm

IRC Nickname: Madoushi
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): MadFNM, NicolBolas, DragonReborn

Character Name: Cytorix Thandalar
Original Dimension: Dominaria

aka: Cytorix of the Ghitu, Cytorix of Tolaria, Cytorix the Ravager
Race: Human
Tribe: Ghitu
Age: 29 (571)
Sex: M
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Likes: Artifacts, fire, children
Dislikes: Phyrexians, anyone who likes Phyrexians, or knows Phyrexians, or sympathizes with them. Anyone who tries to stop him from killing Phyrexians savagely and without mercy.
Theme Song: I'm Alive, Disturbed

Physical Description (Or picture):
Cytorix of Tolaria Db7jaceheadshotsj5
Cytorix has short brown hair constantly spiked as if walking in a strong headwind, with a goatee that comes to a sharp point at the end of his chin.
His right eye is obviously missing, but he refuses to wear a patch over it, leaving it simply macabrely closed. The left is a bright shade of green that occasionally turns orange or sky blue when he is spellcasting.
His right arm is also missing, replaced by a large, unweidly, spiked, jagged metal arm, which looks to have belonged to some kind of golem.
Despite his height, the weight of his arm causes him to hunch almost untill his knuckles drag, and he leans heavily upon his bizzare walking staff for support, usually hiding as much of himself as possible under a cloak and hood. Because of this, and his gravelly voice, most people assume Cytorix is an old man untill they see his face.

Powers and Special Abilities:
Instants: (come into effect immediately and can interrupt other spells)
- Disarm: removes all equipment from one target
- Arcane Denial: counters a spell, bestowing a moment of clarity upon both spellcasters
- Mana Leak: counters a spell unless the caster pays an additional 3 or expends a third-level spell slot to reinforce it.
- Thoughtcast: allows the caster to glean surface thoughts from the minds of others, or to instantly prepare spells from his library. Gains power from nearby artifacts.
- Unsummon: unsummons one target creature
- Swerve: changes the target of an opponent's spell as it is cast
- Electrostatic Bolt: A small arc of lightning that delivers a painful shock. Double effectiveness against Artifacts
- Incinerate: sends a barrage of fire arrows at one target.
- Shatter: destroys one Artifact outright
- Shrapnel Blast: turns an Artifact into an explosive device
- Sunlance: a bar of white light, deals Purity damage

Sorceries: (spells that require a casting ritual, generally slower but more powerful than Instants)
- Pyroclasm: damages everyone on the battlefield with a wave of fire
- Reshape: transfigures one artifact into another, using correspondingly higher levels of mana for correspondingly more powerful artifacts

Summons: (require a ritual like Sorceries, but persist after casting)
- Clockwork Avian: a small mechanical bird not suited for the rigors of combat
- Yotian Soldier: a mechanical soldier who will never tire.
- Thieving Magpie: a troublesome bird who steals anything shiny when it attacks
- Sage Owl: an owl who epitomises organized thoughts and concentration

Enchantments: (require a ritual like Sorceries, but persist after casting, affecting the entire battlefield)
- Circle of Protection (White, Black, Red, Artifacts): protects all within (or without) from spells, creatures and damage of the chosen color
Auras: (Enchantments that are local to one creature)
- Shimmering Wings: Iridescent wings that allow the bearer to fly.

Weapons and Gear:
- Leonin Scimitar: a lightweight, perfectly balanced scimitar, made by a master using a lightweight metal, but otherwise non-magical
- Icy Manipulator: Paralyzes one target, preventing actions
- Ornithopter: a bird shaped flying machine used for swift transportation
- Thousand-Year Elixir: Slow Time Water taken from his time on Tolaria. Neccessary to keep him from instantly aging to death.
- Golem Arm-Graft: The right arm of a fallen golem. Grants tremendous strength, but weighs as much as a man by itself.
- Heart of Corsair*: The powerstone of a fallen golem. Unlike most powerstones, it is attuned to Islands, and so adds blue mana to the caster's mana pool - enough to burn most wizards out.

- Artificer: Having spent his life (and many lifetimes after!) developing artifacts, Cytorix has become quite skilled. He is an engineer combining mechanical and magical knowledge to create mechanical devices, usually simple in design, powered by powerstone and run by clockwork. He can even construct artifact creatures with rudimentary animal intelligence, such as the Clockwork Avian or Yotian Soldier, but such undertakings require a working factory or machine shop, and quality Thran Powerstones from Shiv on Dominaria.
- Metalsmith: Accordingly, Cytorix knows his way around a forge, including things like alloying, galvanizing, metal-folding and acid-etching.
- Tolarian: As a student at Tolaria, Urza's island school and laboratory, Cytorix became intimately acquainted with the effects of Temporal magic.

- Obsession: Cytorix is obsessed with killing the Phyrexians who ravged his world and took from him everything and everyone he knew. He will go to any length to get revenge, even potentially becoming just like his enemies.
- Stubborn: Cytorix doesn't like to be proved wrong or condescended to. He will endure any amount of hardship or discomfort to maintain his dignity, even when it is pointless to do so, such as insisting on grafting the arm of a golem which weighs almost as much as he himself as opposed to making a more convenient one.
- Dominarian: As a Dominarian, Cytorix can establish connections with the land if he spends enough time in one place. Each type of land produces its own mana, and Cytorix can only cast spells of those colors, currently blue, red and a very, very small amount of white.
- Too Long; Cytorix has lived too long as a mortal, and so has an unhealthy detachment from everyday affairs and obsession over his own private crusade. Because of this, he is somewhat unbalanced, and is often prone to very peculiar behaviour.

Background: Cytorix hails from Dominaria, a plane nearly destroyed by the mechanical Phyrexians and their dark god, Yawgmoth. Now Yawgmoth is dead but in Dominaria, space and time themselves have cracked open rifts... after 500 years trapped in a bubble of slow-time, developing weapons to defeat the invasion, Cytorix has returned to the time stream, to find the Invasion is over, his home is destroyed, and everything he ever cared about is gone. With nothing left to him but revenge, Cytorix heads to the Caves of Koilos to enact his revenge on the few remaining machine-horrors...

Artifact - Machines, devices, and fabricated items of all sorts that either employ magical abilities, or are powered by magical means.

Artifact Creature - Any Artifact with sentience and usually some means of acting or reacting on its own, such as golems, intelligent weapons, or Artifacts enchanted with life.

Legendary - Legendary Artifacts, one-of-a-kind items with unique power, are generally immune to Cytorix' artifact-spellshaping abilities. He cannot Reshape Raising Heart to get the Icy Manipulator, nor can he Shrapnel Blast Jackal's Mustang.

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