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Post by LocheEric on Sat Mar 28, 2009 2:42 pm

RC Nickname: Loche
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): LocheWah

Character Name: Rubicante, The Autarch of Flame
Original Dimension: Final Fantasy IV

Race: Demon
Age: ???
Sex: M
Height: 8'11"
Weight: 335 lbs
Likes: Honor, honesty, a fair fight
Dislikes: Dishonorable actions, deceit, tuna

Physical Description (Or picture):

Rubicante Rubicant
Rubicante Rubicante_psp

Rubicante looks like a demon, alright. He's ridiculously tall and often looms without meaning to. His face is completely red with blue streaks across it, but he has been known to make his face look more humanoid in the past.

Hasn't had a reason yet to, though.

Powers and Special Abilities: Rubicante can create, manipulate, turn into and control all types of magical and nonmagical fires (even hellfire). He can also teleport a good deal of distance, albeit always with a gout of flame accompanying him. He has the following spells currently at his disposal:

Fire, Fire2, Fire3: All of these vary in look and power, but the result is the same - concentrated firepower on a single target.

Fire4 (FFT): A spell gleamed from another dimension, Fire4 is more or less an explosion of flame across a wide area.

Blaze: Rubicante summons a column of blue flames, big enough to cover several

Whirl: A small tornado of molten fire swirls around a single target - at current, this is Rubicante's most powerful single-target attack.

Non-Fire Spells:
Ice 2: It is unknown exactly why Rubicante is aware of a spell that, at its core, is directly against his 'alignment'. He has been known to cast it on himself when his Cloak of Ice is over his body to strengthen himself, though.

Heal: Rubicante also possesses an incredibly powerful healing spell, usually able to heal not only an entire party but also renew their spirits! However, he is bound by honor to only cast this on weakened enemies before encountering them.

Rubicante also has unusually high resistances to poison and polymorph spells.

Weapons and Gear: Rubicante's only real gear is the Cloak of Ice - a cloak that, when draped over his person, negates any and all elemental or holy magic thrown at it - even going so far as to heal himself and any others draped within it! However, as the cloak is directly prohibitive to his nature while active, he can't cast normal spells with any sort of efficiency, and he can't cast fire-elemental spells at all.

Weaknesses: Rubicante, being an elemental fiend of fire, has an incredible weakness of cold and water. He is also vulnerable to spells and effects that specifically effect demons and fiends, but unlike most others of his kind, Rubicante doesn't take more damage from holy magic.

Rubicante also has a very strong sense of honor - he will not attack a weakened foe without healing them first, nor will he attack a defenseless opponent, and he is a strong supporter of just and fair combat. However, if the enemy is proven unworthy enough...

Background (Please keep this semi-short - the best way to find out about a character is through roleplay): Formerly a servant of several masters throughout centuries, along with three other elemental fiends, Rubicante finally broke the chains binding him to one Reven, Dimensional Space Lord while angered at his lack of honor. With nowhere else to go but the other path, he currently resides on the Blaze of Glory. He's fond of the name.


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