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Post by Nerem on Sat Mar 28, 2009 11:02 pm

IRC Nickname: NeremWorld
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): NeremWo, Hashmulan

Character Name: Sam Winston
Original Dimension: Earth?

Race: Human...?
Age: 12-13
Sex: Female
Height: 4'11
Weight: 98 lb
Likes: Destroying demons, ghosts, helping people in her visions, saving lives. School
Dislikes: demons, ghosts, horror stories, horror movies, you name it

Physical Description (Or picture):
Except for the guns, and in a more modern dress. Combat uniform is whatever is handy, which in her case tended to be sports equipment.

Powers and Special Abilities: MY ARM MY ARM MY ARM MY ARM I SUMMON UP THE POWER OF THE GOD HAND!!! Okay, no. She has the Ghost Arms, sometimes called Devil Arms. They appear mostly like this, except just the arms. She can absorb the power of monsters into her arms, along with other sort of artifacts. She can reach into inorganic or 'impure' materials - such as a forged metal door or a demon or ghost - and manipulate them from the inside, or remateralize her arm within them, dealing great damage. Afterwards, in either case, her arms go completely numb and she can't use any of her powers until the numbness wears off, as this requires her to use her real arm made immaterial, instead of the Ghost Arms that her other powers use. Using her powers period slowly numbs her arms as well as fatiguing her. This period of numbness can last from anywhere from a minute to up to ten minutes, depending on the stress put on her arms.

Lastly, she has a rather startling power to survive tremendous damage, though she will still be required to rest and heal up, but compared to a normal human, she's amazingly resiliant.

Right Arm of Death: She can unleash pulses of destructive energy from her palm, which is incredibly short ranged, but destructive to anything caught in it. Mostly effective against supernaturals. The blood saber is stored in this hand.

Left Arm of Life: Can emit a protective pulse from her palm, allowing her to repulse enemies and attacks of an unknown magnitude. Is thought to be able to heal injuries, but not yet tested. The hilt of Magicbane is stored in this hand, allowing Sam to understand supernatural artifacts instinctively, through the knowledge of the former owner of the Magicbane.

Weapons and Gear: A saber enchanted with the blood from her right arm of Death, giving it a much stronger ability to cut supernatural creatures then a normal blade. It also appears to be indestructable as a result. Due to this, she keeps it absorbed in her right Ghost Arm most of the time.

Weaknesses: Aside from all of this, she is a normal human girl with mostly human limitations. While she can take a great deal of physical damage without perishing, her body is not especially stout. Nor is her body any stronger then a girl her age, leaving her to rely on her magical powers for protection. She can thus be called the ultimate glass cannon - she has extraordinary powers of attack and defense, but once those are pierced, or she is against a foe she can't effectively fight, she folds easily. Won't have fun in anti-magic zones.

Background (Please keep this semi-short - the best way to find out about a character is through roleplay): Sam Winston was a normal girl who lived her life on what appeared to be a 'normal' Earth. But at the age of 6, she began having visions of ghosts, and discovered the mind-manipulation power of her Ghost Arms by accident... These visions were mostly of friendly ghosts, who she merely pleased and sent onto the afterlife, or set to rest. It wasn't until she was 12 that she had her first malicious ghost. Since that experience, she has slowly been searching out more dangerous ghosts, convinced her powers are there to allow her to protect others from supernatural predators...


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Sam Winston Empty Extra stuff I forgot to post because I'm an idiot.

Post by Nerem on Sun May 31, 2009 3:20 am

Sam's knowledge of magic is pretty surprising, thanks to the Magicbane, therefore it wouldn't be surprising that she knows how to cast magic. She's theoretically good in two areas - creation, and destruction - but she is primarily capable with creation magic called Projection, having a rare talent with it. She can create any weapon or item she's seen - though if it's magical or especially complicated, it'll take a lot more effort and magical energy and time - and a good deal other things as long as she takes the time to magically analyze them. With this comes Ownership of any magical items, allowing her to use them as capably as someone strong enough and who has trained with said weapon, or use it's special unique powers, if it's that kind of weapon.

Unfortunately, the magical energy drain on this is pretty substantial, and combined with her own innately 'leaking' magical energy, she'd be best served projecting normal weapons such as small arms or regular swords or such, unless she has time to make a ritual and have assistance, otherwise, she risks a severe trip to the hospital.

In every person exists a world that reflects their heart. Only a very very extreme minority can manifest this world and bring its power out into reality. Sam's Reality Marable is The Lawless Sanctuary, Alsatia, that overlaps the current world with a small spiritual world that bends to her desires. In it, prana usage for her is minimum, and she can cut others off from external sources of power. Out of combat, she can make it into her own little playground, creating what she wishes. This is, however, limited by the great cost of prana that is required to realize this ability.


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