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Major "Jackal" Egret, MSFSOD Empty Major "Jackal" Egret, MSFSOD

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IRC Nickname: Exacerangutan

Original Dimension: Zone of the Enders, 2200 AD (now 2201)

Name: Jacqueline Egret
Callsign: "Jackal"
MSF Rank: Major (two gold bars)
MSF S/N: 01-9704-002
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: Martian
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150lbs
Likes: Military accomplishment, piloting, mock combat sports, field rations (except RK-103G chili)
Dislikes: Dealing with Civvies, slackers, anything cushy or frilly or romantic, RK-103G chili

Physical Description (Or picture):
- Jacqueline is hot like her mother: super curvaceous, exceptionally athletic condition, bright fiery red hair cut short to keep it out of the way, aquamarine eyes glittering with determination and Burning Passion!
- She usually prefers to wear her Martian red-camo fatigues around the ship, with a patrol cap, which has her insignia (two gold bars) embroidered on it. Her service uniform (dark gray trousers with red piping, black jacket with brass buttons) badges and pins and such on it, and her full dress uniform is even fancier, but because of the nature of her duties, she only wears either in special circumstances.
- She also has a red and black skintight MA-74 flight suit designed to mediate synchronization with MSF Orbital Frames, which she typically wears when on duty. Although skin-tight, she also usually wears undergarments that minimze her "profile." She often wears this flight suit under her other attire in case she has to scramble and because the flightsuit doubles as armor (see below).

Powers and Special Abilities (Skills, in this case):
- Jackal is the 22nd century Martian equivalent of Delta Force, Navy SEALs, or Spetsnaz. She has cutting-edge training in underwater demolitions, high-tech covert insertion, marksmanship, close-quarters combat, navigation, piloting, all-terrain wilderness survival, and so forth. Her specialty is Frame Runner, and she is one of the best combat pilots in the MSF in her day. Her secondary military occupational specialty (MOS) is Sniper. She's also a pretty competent mechanic and not a bad engineer, having been raised to always know her machine inside and out, but these are very much secondary skills.

Weapons and Gear:
- MS-90 "Deimos" 12mm Sidearm: The Deimos 10mm is a high-caliber machine pistol chambering caseless 10mmx25mm rounds and firing on single or full-auto settings. The extended magazine used by the MSFSO holds 15 rounds, available principally as armor-piercing or hollowpoint, although explosive rounds and nonlethal subdual rounds are stocked in her machine's storage Vector Trap, as well. Jackal's Deimos has a laser site and a datalink for her suit's HUD.
- MS-92 "HCAW" 12mm Carbine: Short for Heavy Combat Assault Weapon, the HCAW 12mm is an assault rifle chambering 12mmx40mm caseless rounds with a 65 round magazine, firing single, burst, or full-auto. 12mm rounds are available in the same types as the 10mm rounds above. Jackal's HCAW has a datalink for her suit's HUD as well as a minicam for cornering. It also has a hardpoint for one of a number of standard-issue underbarrel attachments, primarily a 35mm MSU83C94 grenade launcher or an MSU-95 combat shotgun, both of which use a drum magazine.
- ME-93 "Valkyrie" VALKR-E 50kW: Short for "Variable Active-Lens Kalliggite Rifle, class E," the Valkyrie is a high-power laser sniper rifle designed for hardskinned personnel and softskinned materiel. The laser's frequency is adjustable, using electrical currents to modulate the matrix structure of the synthetic crystal resonator (Kalliggite, from the Greek word from "shining," for its unique photoelectric properties). The aperture adjusts to modulate the focal point according to the user's controls, and the frequency range extends into hard ultraviolet. The Valkyrie has a rangefinding laser to help calibrate the focal length, can fire off about ten full-power shots on a battery, and is also equipped with a datalink for the HUD of Jackal's flightsuit.
- MM-81 Field Knife: High-tech alloy combat knife with a 9" blade and insulated grip.
- MA-74C97 Flight Suit (fitted): Flexible and formfitting, MSF flight suits are made of tough carbonate mesh and multiple polymer layers for impact absorbency, high thermal and electrical resistance, radiation blockage, and especially resistance to puncture and laceration. It will stop most bullets very well, although they will still cause nasty bruises. The helmet is transparent combat ceramic, and includes an integral computer which can link to other MSF hardware and display ammo status, track allies, and display scope display for corner scouting on laser-projection HUD. A liquid crystal layer autodarkens the helmet above a preset ambient light intensity level.

Orbital Frame Sleipnir:
Manufacturer: MASS (Martian Aero-Space Solutions) Productions Company
User: MSFSOD (Martian Space Force, Special Operations Division)
Type: Fast-Attack Orbital Frame
Class: VFM-88S Mustang (Custom)
Height: 22.5 meters
Empty Weight: 115 metric tons
Est. Loaded Weight/Max Lift: 600 metric tons
Max Accel: 119.5 m/s²
Approx. V-max: Mach 9 at Earth sea-level; 50mps underwater
Special equipment: SSA (Self-Supporting Armor) autorepair system, Integral Vector Trap storage, DBBU (Detached Battle Backup Unit) AI Hugin
Powerplant: Integral Metatron Catalyzed Photonic Reactor
Weapons Systems: "Gungnir" anti-armor Metatron-reaction homing-missiles; "Laevateinn" plasma-sword; "Mjolnir" Metatron-reaction chargable electroplasma-burst; "Baldr" ultra-high-yield protective barrier; "Loki" EM/MR/sonar stealth system
- Based on the standard MSF Mustang class fast-attack Frame (which is itself based loosely on Jehuty but optimized for speed rather than power), Sleipnir is a special model redesigned for enhanced performance, requiring a top-notch pilot to keep up with its abilities: even the standard VFM-88 Mustang is considered exceptionally finicky and over-responsive by most pilots. As a top-of-the-line Orbital Frame, Sleipnir is completely outside the class of modern Earth technology, and somewhere on that blurry line between Real Robots and Super Robots.
- Sleipnir is not nearly as powerful as Jehuty but is specialized for high speed and maneuverability, at which it is essentially unparalleled: it’s already more than the majority of pilots can handle. Jackal prefers to use Hugin only as a support system rather than a major component of the Frame, the better to avoid any sort of dependency on it. The storage space Vector Trap contains plenty of ammunition, recharges replacement batteries for her gear, and holds a variety of other military equipment such as vapor condensation canteens, grenades, computer access gear, high-tech field medkit, and so on.

Manufacturer: "Jackal" Egret (based on NUT, ltd. LEV frame)
User: "Jackal" Egret
Type: Light Combat Scout/Antipersonnel LEV
Class: Custom (based on "APW Atlas III" model construction LEV)
Height: 6.4 meters
Empty Weight: 4 metric tons
Est. Loaded Weight/Max Lift: 7 metric tons
Max Accel: 20.1 m/s² at empty weight
Approx. V-max: 160mph in air, 55mph on ground
Special equipment: AVOC (Active Vectored Optical Camouflage), IR and radar jamming
Powerplant: 500hp He-3 fusion reactor
Integral Weapons Systems: 20mm Coilgun in each arm (3000 rpm), two 100mm missile launchers in back, 57mm rocket launcher in head
Accessory Weapons Systems: Auto-recharging light anti-armor laser cannon, plasma-torch chainsaw
- Wolverine was rebuilt from a civilian labor LEV which Dingo bought for Jackal to learn on, and she's been overhauling and tuning it since she was eleven years old. The engines require atmosphere to run, but will also operate underwater, and run on their own 4,000hp integral fusion reactors separate from the main reactor. Its armor is comparable to a 20th century light tank.
- The blastproof magazines hold ten 100mm missiles (usually anti-armor) and twenty 57mm rockets. The rifle and chainsaw each have an integral microfusion reactor: this allows the chainsaw to run continually. The rifle's batteries store enough energy for 60 full-power shots. The battery recharges at a rate of about 20 seconds per shot. Each coilgun has 1,000 rounds of high-density armor-piercing rounds.
- Due to reactor power constraints, Wolverine can operate in three modes: Interception, Engagement, and Close Combat. Interception mode sends full power to sensors but cuts coilgun firing rate to 25%. Engagement mode brings rate of fire up to 50% but limits ground speed to 45mph. Close Combat mode maximizes firing rate, but denies power to radar jamming, cuts active sensor range to 100 meters, and limits ground speed to about 20mph.

- For all her training and fitness, Jackal is still human and suffers from the typical human frailties as compared with some other entities. She can also have trouble getting along with people in non-military contexts, and her patience for undisciplined behavior is extremely limited. She tends to prefer interacting with superiors whom she knows to respect and with subordinates whom she can punish if they misbehave; with civilians, it's always more complicated.

Background (Please keep this semi-short - the best way to find out about a character is through roleplay):
- Jackal grew up the daughter of Dingo Egret and Ken Marinaris, the two war heroes credited with finally bringing about Martian Independence. Her is father especially credited as a sort of George Washington of Mars: he was instrumental in establishing the Martian Space Force and the Regional Armored Militia, as well as his work representing Mars to the U.N. and encouraging Martian solidarity. Jackal herself grew up surrounded with the military--like the Martian state, not much older than herself--and from a young age, she aspired to be a Frame Runner, just like her parents had been.
- Eventually, her father acquiesced, and began teaching her--after making her refurbish a machine for herself from a broken-down civilian LEV, which took plenty of time in itself, even with her father's access to military surplus. Determined to persevere despite her father's attempts to discourage her and keep her out of harm's way, she joined her local RAM at age thirteen, convincing the unit commander to let her stay on as a scout after proving she could more than take care of herself. It was in the RAM that she got the nickname Jackal--a nickname she would keep when she joined the MSF Academy and became one of the star pupils, and when she graduated second in her class (she had a few disciplinary issues, such as breaking arms after she was accused of using her "assets" to earn her high marks) and was commissioned as a Lieutenant, immediately applying to MSF Special Operations branch.
- Afterward, she served both on Mars hunting Radical cells (the terrorist remnants of the hawkish BAHRAM paramilitary group) where she quickly earned a promotion to Captain, and then in the asteroid belt, as a pirate-hunter, where she led a fantastically successful Orbital Frame strike force including covert insertions to take out asteroid-based organized crime facilities. Within a few months after her promotion to Major--one of the youngest ever in the MSF--she was approached with an offer to serve as the MSF's representative in a mlitary-cultural exchange with the CoRe. Recognizing the importance of the assignment and promised a likelihood of combat operations as a security officer and interceptor pilot, Jackal gladly accepted the position.


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