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Post by Exacerangutan on Sat Mar 28, 2009 11:59 pm

IRC Nickname: Exacerangutan

Character Name: Aedin de Fionn
Original Dimension: Eyiun (original)

Race: Human (with some Ilesthi blood)
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140lbs
Likes: Reason, good sense, intelligent people, learning and teaching, propriety
Dislikes: Ignorant people, loud boors, unreasonable people, violence and unnecessary suffering

Physical Description:
Aedin is of quite a slight build, and manifests the slim, angular features of those with some amount of Ilesthi heritage—less flatteringly, he has also been called girly. He isn't particularly tall, and is far from muscular, but naturally tends to stay slim. His complexion is extremely fair, something not at all uncommon in his home country, especially in combination with his dark blue eyes and bright golden-red hair. His hair is naturally somewhat curly, and he wears it quite long—halfway to his waist, even in ringlets. Although handsome in a delicate, Romantic sort of way, he does not have anything resembling a rugged sort of look at all, and probably never will.

Powers and Special Abilities:
Aedin is exceptionally intelligent and gifted with a photographic memory, thanks to which he makes a fantastically talented scholar, learning and integrating new ideas and information both quickly and thoroughly. His foremost special ability, however, is his innate connection to the flow of sorcerous energies: he is able to improvise sorcerous incantations, an can also sense those created by others who channel those energies.
Although this ability makes Aedin a potentially very formidable wizard, he is still very young, and the great breadth of his education left little time for him to study and memorize specific incantations. While he could develop new incantations of his own quite quickly given the research time and materials, as yet, he only knows a few of the simplest effects by heart. The few incantations he has completely mastered already are Recovery (to accelerate his own recovery from exertion), Ignition (to create and maintain a high-temperature spark), Advanced Illumination (to create small balls of light, with a wide spectrum of color and brightness), and Pattern Vision (to perceive physical objects as their essential energy patterns, useful for identifying residual effects of sorcery). Having completely mastered these, they take very little effort, normally, although maintaining several of them simultaneously or attempting to supercharge them (e.g., trying to quickly ignite drenched, rotten wood) will be more taxing.
Aedin also lacks the sophisticated and hard-to-find energy batteries, amplifiers, and personal enhancements typically employed by high-power sorcerers. This significantly limits the scale of the effects he is able to produce. Even if he were to research and develop a spell comparable to, say, the Dragon Slave, he simply isn't able to draw in such a fantastic amount of power singlehandedly. Without some very large source of raw sorcerous power on hand, Aedin is unlikely to be able to accomplish anything really dazzlingly impressive, at least in terms of magnitude. Given sufficient time and materials, he will be able to compensate for this to a certain degree by employing ritual sorcery techniques, but both requirements are likely to be prohibitive in most circumstances.
Despite these limitations hampering Aedin's effectiveness as a high-power combat sorcerer or the like, he is nearly unparalleled at countersorcery: sensing the current of sorcerous energies and to influence them directly, he is able to manipulate the incantations of other sorcerers. Although unfamiliarity with a particular style will of course make this more challenging, once he understands how an incantation is put together, he is theoretically able to alter almost any characteristic he desires, although the speed with which his opponent works is of course a factor. In principle, he could change an incantation's target, weaken its effects, alter the nature of the effects to something metaphysically similar (e.g., transforming a lightning attack into a gust of air, based on the association in elementalist theory), or even leave the overall incantation unchanged but compromise its structure so that it collapses, discharging all the gathered energy randomly and catastrophically around its caster. Some sorcerers may be able to resist this, depending on how off-the-cuff sorcery is in their settings, but at best it would be a contested, distracting effort.

Weapons and Gear of Note:
Tavanishir (“Song of Ferocity”): An ornately decorated rapier which is mildly enchanted for sharpness, agility, and durability, and which 'sings' when swung through the air. This had belonged to an Ilesthi companion of Aedin, who had been his fencing teacher. Although an enchanted weapon, it is not a terrifically powerful one. Although not exceptionally adept with a rapier, Aedin is competent enough not to embarrass himself, and can usually fend off low-end henchmen.
Aedin's Staff: About five feet long, this carved oak staff is enchanted for durability and also to act as a metaphysical extension of Aedin's body, since incantations become more difficult as the point of manifestation becomes more distant from the sorcerer. Similarly, it makes a useful conduit for channeling sorcerous energy, and being attuned to Aedin, is easier for him to affect with incantations (transmutations and other such temporary enchantments). Aedin is at least moderately competent at defending himself with his staff.
Robes of Office: As a government official, Aedin wears the distinctive midnight blue and black ensemble of trousers, tunic, and cloak associated with agents of the Council, as well as a black velvet hat sort of like a beret, set with a crescent of small diamonds in the front. The cloak is fastened by a clasp in the shape of a stylized raven, also set with small diamonds. I can talk a lot about his boots, too, if somebody really cares.

Aedin is very much a normal human, besides his connection to patterns of sorcerous energies, and as such is very, very mortal. Having been raised mostly in a library, although somewhat spry, he is also relatively frail, and owes his health more to a sound education in nutrition, physiology, and medicine rather than a particularly strong constitution. While he is able to stand up for himself, at least to a certain degree, Aedin is not well suited to physical combat, and cannot do much more than fend off Generic Faceless Henchmen types. Although it seems unlikely to come up, the flipside of his great sorcerous potential is that he is highly sensitive to the Taint—the negation of sorcerous energy, which erodes and decays reality—which not only interferes with any use of sorcery, but also subjects Aedin to a severely distracting, disorienting, and very unpleasant sensation.

In Aedin's world, innate sorcery is a thing of centuries past, before a global catastrophe known as the Sundering War very nearly destroyed all of Eyuin; the sorcerers of his day are only able to channel Sigils which have been imprinted onto their souls. Aedin, born with the unique ability to sense and control sorcerous energy without a Sigil, was located before long and taken into the custody of the Council of High Sages—the quasi-governmental body responsible for the furtherance (and control) of knowledge and the governance of the use of sorcery in his homeland of Sharra. He was taken from his mother's household at the age of three years.
As a very special ward of the Council, Aedin was essentially adopted by one of the five High Sages, and the one chosen for this obligation was the oldest, most respected, and most scholarly. This was Eamon, Archelementalist of the Greater Sphere of Air, High Sage of the Province Argyl, Custodian of the Great Library of Coinneach. Although a brilliant scholar and extremely powerful wizard, he was also an unsympathetic, misanthropic curmudgeon who lived alone in his tower called the Stormspire, and despised practically everyone who was not his peer.
As such, Aedin did not have a particularly warm home life: he was educated extensively in the common sciences (such as chemistry, mechanics, physiology, linguistics, and so on and so forth), but especially intensely trained in the subject of Thaumatology, which might also be called theoretical sorcery. Eamon only taught Aedin specific incantations as a reward for exceeding even the old man's completely preposterous expectations, but he did receive an exhaustive education in how this or that incantation produces this or that effect—while most full-fledged, recognized sorcerers were expected to acquire a working familiarity with theory, Aedin's education was taken to a completely different level of mastery.
The price, of course, was a life of isolation from normal social contact and the real world in general. When Aedin was about fourteen years old, after extensive planning, he found a way to escape from the Stormspire. Over the next several years, he made a number of friends with whom he traveled extensively, some of his nearly-complete lack of physical activity was rectified, and he made something of a name for himself. Rather than attempting to punish him—Eamon had, of course, anticipated his ward's escape, and decided it would be the kind of character-building lesson the brat needed—the Council decided to employ Aedin as a representative to the CORE with which they had recently made contact.


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