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Post by `Citan on Sun Mar 29, 2009 4:57 am

IRC Nickname: `Citan
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): None

Character Name: Tristan Imaran Cless
Original Dimension: Original

Race: Human
Age: 30
Sex: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 190 lbs
Likes: Is a gun buff, loves coffee and enjoys his work
Dislikes: undisciplined or blatantly rude people

Physical Description (Or picture):
Tristan Cless Modern%20Warfare%202%20-%20Soap

Powers and Special Abilities: Trained soldier, fought for six years in a war. After two years, entered service as an Army Ranger. Is trained in sniping, CQC, survival, escape, capture evaison, raid tactics, squad tactics, large unit tactics, and aerial, amphibious and orbital insertions. Is a consumate gunsmith and a skilled mechanic, due to his first years of service being witn an armored division.

Weapons and Gear:

Land Warrior Suit: Suit is armored and maintained by an internal computer that displays via a HUD in an eyepiece or built into a helmet. Can link to firearms if the weapon has an electronic fire control system or an electronic scope (IE can use the gun's sights to look around a corner). HUD can also display incomming text and video based messages and geographical information. Comms are built into either helmet or headset. Armor is overlapping plates of a ceramic-composite material, so when struck only a small plate fractures, unlike older military ballistic vests where were a single piece, where plate failure would mean the next shot would kill you (see the Dragonskin armor, search for it on Youtube, it's a clip from the show Futureweapons).

Duracable/Grappler tag: Grappler tags are small, six inch disks that can adhere to surfaces eitehr via magnetism (if the surface is ferrous) or by a large number of nearly microscopic barbs that hook into the surface. The tag is released by a button on the back. Duracable is made of lightweight and durable wiring wrapped undreds of times in a swirl that reinforces itself. Duracable is tested up to ten metric tons.

Nanobeacon: A small microchip placed in a person or object that sends a pulse out over a five-hunded mile radius every second that can be found by tuning into the beacon's frequency. Every nanobeacon has it's own unique ID code, though many may share the same frequency. Cless may all ready have a nanobeacon implanted in his body.

Sonic-Pulse Grenade: The next step up from a stun grenade, the grenade sends a sonic pulse over a radius of fifteen feet, severly dissorienting all those caught in the blast. The blast is also capable of knocking an organic creature unconscious.

Portable Glowlamp: An extemely efficient portable lightsource, it runs off of an extremely long lasting fuel cel and uses a special kind of bulb that doesn't burn out. It can be toggeld back and forth between a directional light like a flashlight, or an area-lighting lantern. The flashlight funtion has a range of fifty feet.

Surveylance Round: Comes in various sizes to be fired from various weapons, this subsonic round is designed to stick to a surface it is fired into. It then will broadcast visuals from the rear of the round, within 90 degress of the bullet's trajecotry. You need a receiver to pick up these images. The effective broadcast range of a suveylance round is 100 feet.

Microphone Round: Same as a Surveylance round, but instead of picking up visual data, it picks up audio data. Also has a 100 foot broadcast range. The same receiver can pick up data from a microphone round as a surveylance round.

Microtorch: A hand-held, combination arc welder/cutting torch that's roughly the size of a flashlight. It can make a decently sturdy weld and with a little time, cut through steel.

Spray LCD: An aerisol version of a paint-on LCD. The substance in the canister is sprayed onto a flat surface, and then an adaptor is attached to the substnace when it dries. Data is sent to the adaptor, wirelessly or wired, and the adaptor displays the information on the now solid LCD screen. The substance remains useable for one hour, then liquifies and becomes inert and useless.

Weaknesses: Is a mortal human being, can be sick, age, etc. Tends to think like a soldier, which can get him into trouble in delicate situations. Also, only has two modes in fights: Kill and don't kill (but subdue by any other means necessary).

Background (Please keep this semi-short - the best way to find out about a character is through roleplay): Began his young adult life as an engineering student until several planets declared war on Earth. He immeditately enlisted, and was honorably discharged with a final promotion to Major. Sinse then he's been a freelance gunsmith and mercenary, unable to really go back to civillian life.[img][/img]

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