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Post by Exacerangutan on Sun Mar 29, 2009 8:14 am

Reviving Hannah's thread from the old board, here we go:

Aedin, although technically a Readheaded Hero, is just as much as sendup of that trope. Although an occasional Adventurer Archaeologist in his own world, he's not nearly dangerous in combat to be a Badass Bookworm. He isn't quite Awesome by Analysis, but he's definitely a sorcerous Campbellian Hero and was trained specifically to be an Omnidisciplinary Scientists.

Jackal is a Dark Skinned, Redheaded (although technically a sendup, since her hair and skin color are for actual, genetic reasons) Hero (at least, literarily). Her hair is short, so she can't really Let Her Hair Down, but she's always been a Celibate Hero anyway. Professionally, she's a Lady of War of the more soldierly Stoic variety, and her Orbital Frame Sleipnir straddles the boundary between Super Robot and Real Robot, although Wolverine is very clearly in the latter category.

Nikolai is in some ways a sendup of The Russian Guy Suffers Most, although he often deliberately plays into the Russian ethnic stereotypes in Russian Humor. He comes from a Devil But No God setting, but is himself a Defector From Decadence Made Of Iron who uses his Implausible Fencing Powers for Demon-Slaying. He sends up the antiheroism associated with his stubble, parodies the assumption that Good Is Dumb with his typical goofiness, and his tendency for his nice shirts to get ruined in every serious fight subverts the Impossibly Cool Clothes from his native setting. He is in fact something of a Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, particularly given the change that takes place when he uses his Super Mode. ...I think that's enough for now.


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Post by MajorJim on Sun Mar 29, 2009 11:25 am

Jim: One of Jim's tropes is definitely: . He's not fat.... just not a hyper slim bishonen like much of the group.
He should be piloting a , however he is stuck with a, much to his dismay.

He generally is a to his students and the kids, but tries to be more the to his comrades.

He's naturally, however his experiences in channel and general grumpy-bear demeanor around the younger members of the BOG turn him into something of a .

He is a walking example of

His primary trope in dealing with other people is

Honestly, Jim is a waiting to happen

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