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Post by `Citan on Mon Mar 30, 2009 3:14 am

It was a pretty normal night in the bar, the place was full of soldiers, pilots and sailors. In particular, there was a table occupied by an Army Ranger Lieutenant and four of his Non-commissioned Officers (That's the various Sergeant ranks for those who don't know) from the United States were sitting having a hell of a party. There were enough empty glasses at the table that they were running out of room for the drinks they were still working on. At another table, a few sailors from different nations (Earth's Armies were still independent of each other but the Navy was consolidated) caught sight of members of a unit with a rather ... sordid reputation, slowly walking past the bar. He quickly called attention to this with his buddies and they started making a lot of snide comments to each other, but loud enough for the passing unit, the Ragnaroks, to hear.

"I hear that unit's dieing out. More casualties than new recruits.."

"Well it's a volunteer unit, of course they're not getting fresh blood."

"Bunch of psychotic whack jobs. I always thought they were culled from convicts."

The Ragnaroks glared at the sailors but kept going as if they had somewhere to be at the time. Though they slowed when the Ranger Lieutenant, one Tristan Cless got up and walked over to the table. They waited to see what kind of things he'd say to smear their unit.

"S'cuse me boys," the Lieutenant said with surprising focus for how many beers he'd just put away. "You talkin' 'bout the Ragnaroks? Who just hit the planet Kestus? Who gave the rangers, that's us by the way, time to get off of Kestus because you dumb fuck sailors couldn't find the place and left us alone on a hostile planet for six months. Would you useless dipshits know anything about that?" By this time, the four non-coms had joined Cless. The Navy boys had no idea what to say. But the Rangers still did.

"Hey Lieutenant, I think we should teach these guys a lesson," one of the Non-Coms piped in with a thick Brooklyn accent. "Now wait just a goddamn minute!" bellowed what appeared to be the ranking member of the Navy party as he stood up suddenly. The lieutenant grinned. "Front and center, rangers, it's time to teach!"

"HOOAH!!!" was the resounding answer from the other Rangers as all five of them suddenly dove into the Navy group of about eight men, resulting in one of the finest bar brawls any nearby had. When all was said and done, the Rangers didn't get much in the way of disciplinary action because they were off-duty. The sailors weren't so lucky. One of the rangers ended up havoing to seek medical attention (though he was able to do so on his own power), and the rest of them probably should have but decided not to. But if you think that's bad, you should have seen the other guys.


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