Zdzisław Dziengielewski (Pronounced Zjee-swahf Jeng-yell-ev-ski)

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Zdzisław Dziengielewski (Pronounced Zjee-swahf Jeng-yell-ev-ski) Empty Zdzisław Dziengielewski (Pronounced Zjee-swahf Jeng-yell-ev-ski)

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IRC Nickname: Friend
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Ershin/ChicagoTed

Character Name: Zdzisław Aleksander Dziengielewski (Lex)
Original Dimension: Original
Race: Human
Age: 59 (Apparent Age: Late 20s)
Sex: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 173 lbs.
Likes: Fighting evil, long showers, french fries
Dislikes: Evil supernatural creatures, pointless martyrdom

Physical Description (Or picture): Lex's usual outfit consists of a variety of paisley-printed blazer with a loosely-buttoned business shirt, jeans, khakis or slacks and a pair of Chuck Taylors. Physically he's an olive-skinned man skin with premature gray hair coming in at his temples and sideburn region and is eternally sporting stubble.

Powers and Special Abilities:

Regenerative Power: Divine restoration of grievous wounds and loss of limbs. This allows Lex to fight against the undead and other supernatural enemies on equal footing. More serious wounds, such as the loss of a limb or multiple gunshot wounds take at least three to five days to fully recover from. Limbs can only be regenerated if Lex has part of the original limb left intact for reattachment.

Blessed Might and Alacrity: Lex's strength and speed are slightly greater than a human at their physical peak. He's capable of physically fighting the undead, younger vampires and lycans with relative ease.

Sanctification: Using scripture pages, Lex consecrates a 20' x 20' area, forbidding weaker black magic to be used there. It can also weaken lesser demon and supernatural creatures. These scripture pages can also be placed on weaponry, allowing a mundane weapon to be used against a supernatural foe. While in the area of Sanctification, superficial to moderate wounds will heal over time. This heal over time does not affect Lex himself and is harmful to demons and ghosts.

Lex Divina: Places a scripture page upon a foe and attempts to lower its resistance to magical and supernatural effects. If the foe is immune, the scripture page will detonate and cause holy-based damage through Exorcism.

Lex Aeterna: God's eternal law is to protect His children and with this ability, Lex uses several scripture pages to temporarily absorb all incoming damage in any Sanctified area for twenty seconds. Due to the overwhelming energy needed to channel this ability, Lex Aeterna can only be used once per day.

Concealment: Allows the Defender of the Word to hide all manner of weapons and items in his clothing, allowing easier passage through mundane security systems. (Hammerspace)

Weapons and Gear:

The Good Book: A large leatherbound tome given to Lex at the graduation of his seminary college. The Good Book itself seemingly has an unlimited amount of pages within, giving Lex an infinite amount of the reagents he needs to invoke his abilities. The Good Book is also the source of his regenerative and martial abilities and despite being nigh indestructable, if it comes under any sort of magical or physical duress, Lex will temporarily lose his abilities.

Anathema: A 5-foot spiked war hammer forged out of the silver cross of an orphanage taken by the undead in Abruzzo. Given its blessed nature, it is always consecrated and therefore doesn't need sanctification.

Christopher: A saber with the words 'Summum Bonum' engraved on the blade. Annoited by Lex himself.

Francis Xavier: A slightly modified Pancor Jackhammer automatic shotgun. Fires special blessed 12-gauge scattershot rounds.

Benedictory Stick Grenades: Incediary grenades designed to fight the paranormal. Made from a blend of white phosphorous and chlorine, the benedictory grenades not only ignite in holy fire but produce a cloud that obscures and restricts breathing. A triple threat that works on both the undead and the living.

Weaknesses: Despite his superior regenerative abilities, if Lex is beheaded or pierced through the heart, he'll die. Also, if he takes a massive amount of damage, it will render him unconscious until he is able to fully heal. This process takes upwards of three days to a week if it occurs. Healing spells also have a reduced effect upon him.

Background (Please keep this semi-short): Born from the union of a polish priest and a local Roma woman, Lex's childhood was a tumultuous one. Despite trying his best to appease his stepmother's wishes, it was ultimately decided that it would be best for Lex to be sent to a seminary school far from Poland. Bounced between schools and orphanages, Lex eventually found himself at a small seminary school in Abruzzo, Italy.

Lex, eager to prove himself, through himself into the studies of Catholicism and of God. He quickly became the favored pupil of the school and was chosen to be the next Defender of the Word. Upon his graduation, Lex was taken aside by the Mother Superior and was told of the duties he would have to uphold as a Defender of the Word and the crushing burden that would be placed on his shoulders. With no hesitance, Lex accepted his newfound duties.

In the forty years he's seen as the Defender of the Word, he has fought numerous battles against the undead, the impious and all manners of demons. He knows that one day he will have to relinquish control of the Good Book after inscribing his experiences within its pages, but in the mean time, he continues to do his work for the greater good.
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Zdzisław Dziengielewski (Pronounced Zjee-swahf Jeng-yell-ev-ski) Empty Re: Zdzisław Dziengielewski (Pronounced Zjee-swahf Jeng-yell-ev-ski)

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