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Post by Excellen on Sat Apr 04, 2009 12:40 am

IRC Nickname: Excellen
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Yamato

Character Name: Raidiese Fujiwara Branstein (Rai)
Original Dimension: Super Robot Wars: Original Generation

Race: Caucasian
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Height: ~6' or so
Weight: man I don't know
Likes: Reliable teammates, older women
Dislikes: "Loose cannon" types who like to back-sass
Military Rank: Second Lieutenant

Physical Description (Or picture):
(the gloved hand conceals a cybernetic arm)

Powers and Special Abilities:

Genius Pilot - Is an all-around excellent robot pilot in just about any machine he's given, with time to adjust to the controls. Capable of pulling off mid-combat evasive maneuvers even in heavier machines.

Gunner: Is a reliably good shot with ranged weaponry, to the point where when piloting, he gets range bonuses.

Weapons and Gear:

R-2 Powered (IMAGE)
Height: 24.2 Meters
Weight: 152.4 Tons
Suited Terrains: Land, Space
Head 60mm Vulcan
Beam Sword
Magna Beam Rifle
Wired Beam Chakram: Twin metal wired chakrams which emit beams around them, fired from wrist launchers.
Hi Zol Launcher: Set of two high-powered beam cannons, each with five barrels, situated on the robot's shoulders.
Solid shields: The side of each arm doubles as a heavy shield.
Anti-Beam Field: Has a field around it which soaks a certain amount of beam damage before the rest breaks through.
Hover Unit: Its legs have built-in hovering capability to allow it to traverse water and better handle evasive maneuvering on the ground.

Weaknesses: Not applicable. Is a human pilot!

Background (Please keep this semi-short):
Rai is the younger of two sons of the former leader of his world's space colonies. He left his family on a very bitter note after a terrorist incident in which his brother's wife was killed. After leaving, he put his talents to use as a Personal Trooper test pilot for a lunar laboratory developing a heavily experimental new Black Hole Engine, to which he was assigned.

When the first full activation test came around, starting up the engine triggered a critical reaction, one which obliterated the entire base, though it was thankfully mostly evacuated at the time. Rai and the project heads survived through plot intervention, and Rai had one less arm to show for it.

A while after this, Rai was recruited as one of three specially selected pilots for the SRX Project, an Earth Federation Army funded program designed to develop Personal Troopers focused around the abilities of psychic pilots. He was the only non-psychodriver on the team.

His team, the SRX Team, has been through multiple wars at this point, including internal conflicts, alien invasions, and major interdimensional alien and military intrusions, with even some time travel thrown in to make matters more convoluted than they already were.

After these conflicts, Rai was reassigned from the SRX Team to an elite military task force called the Aggressors.


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