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Post by Sokai on Sat Mar 07, 2009 5:51 pm

IRC Nickname: Sokai
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Ceil

Character Name: Sokai Hemmingway

Race: Verldanese
Age: 29
Sex: Female
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150
Likes: Space, soy bars, taking things apart, making them AWESOME and putting them back together
Dislikes: Being planet-side, magic, small talk

Physical Description:
Tall and toned with a hint of muscle, Sokai has traditional Verldanese black facial stripes ('tours') across her neck, chest and arms. Her hair is so dark a red it's nearly black and her eyes are gunmetal gray with barely noticeable flecks of silver. Her skin is the uniform slight tan of one who spends most of her time under manufactured light. She has severe scarring along her spine that is slowly healing.

Pictured with Ralf Derrison:Captain Sokai Hemmingway PbucketCaptain Sokai Hemmingway Pbucket

Items of Note:

Verldanese Keysword: A mono-edged longsword, this weapon had a strange, notched shape. It was used to control the Mark One. With the destruction of the M1, Sokai has laid this sword aside.

Darkhewn: A longsword custom-made for Sokai by Marshal Baelor Ironhewn, this sword is a work of brutal art. Its hilt is black metal mimicking a very stylized wolf's head with highlights of dark red enameling. The blade itself is double-edged; one edge is straight and sharp, while the other edge is wickedly serrated, equipped with a vibration function. The vibration of the serrated edge makes it work much like a chainsaw, with approximately the same cutting power, however with Sokai's strength this is easy to control. Added components, metals and length make this blade difficult to wield for some one without her strength.

Darksteel Greatsword: A tremendous slab of nearly indestructible metal that's shaped to resemble a sword. Like all Darksteel weapons, this monstrous blade possesses the ability to resist magic and shatter magical barriers temporarily. Remarkably heavy, this greatsword requires a powered suit or enhanced strength to carry and wield. Like all Darksteel weapons, it has a lack of durability against energy weapons.

Yautja Shuriken: This is carried as a flat circular device, but transforms into a multi-pointed throwing star at the push of a button. It is self charged by an internal power supply, and also has internal computer controlled gyros that return the shuriken its wielder. A gift of honor from the Predator (yautja) Red Hands, a former member of her crew.

The daughter of Felix Hemmingway, Sokai Hemmingway grew up on board the Mark I nearly by herself. Sokai was very close to her father, who she was completely in awe of. While her childhood was quite happy and peaceful, Sokai's limited social interaction growing up has made her fairly bad with people, often coming off as cold, distant or just plain awkward.

At the age of fifteen Sokai signed up for the Interdimensional Marshalship and left the MI to board on Gatekeeper at the Marshalship Academy. Sokai's time at the Academy was fairly abysmal, due to her father's reputation and the great dislike towards him. She endured a good deal of malicious teasing that eventually escalated to school-yard type violence. For the first year of her time at Academy, Sokai spent a lot of time teaching her fellow recruits to take her seriously and a great deal more time in the Central Marshal's office being disciplined for being in fights.

Without time to spend on anything but studying, Sokai picked two specialties, rather rare for any cadets previously. Giving up social interaction and unable to visit her home for shore leaves, Sokai threw all of her efforts into her training. Due to this she graduated top of her class. She immediately requested to be assigned to the Mark I, but was just as immediately denied.

She spent the next few years bouncing from assignment to assignment, until she inadvertently rescued a young man with surprising abilities and found herself summarily assigned to be his bodyguard while he trained to be a marshal like her.

This situation remained constant until the Marshalship and CoRe's final battle plan with the Magistrate came into being. After this, Sokai was reassigned, finally, to the MI, to aid her father in planning and orchestrating. She piloted the Mark I during the battle and fired the notorious shot that ended the Magistrate. She was also the one to call her own father's time of death.

After Felix's death and the Magistrate's destruction, Sokai took over the MI and renamed it the Wraith, after her father's infamous nickname. For four years she and the MI faded into obscurity, only resurfacing to testify about her father at the CoRe's fact finding gathering. Here she admitted to the whole of the Multiverse that the Wraith was indeed, the Mark I, sending her peaceful obscurity to it's death.

After a mutually beneficial deal with the CoRe, Sokai became the captain of an independent Mark I and found her first crew. However, after a new threat began to surface throughout the multi-verse, Sokai parted from both her crew and her fiancée, taking the M1 for parts and missions unknown.

After a daring attack on the Void flagship during the Siege of Seron, the Mark One was destroyed. Its remaining crew joined up with the Blaze of Glory for a short while, until it mostly dissolved. Sokai is currently 'captain' of no crew, with no ship of her own.

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