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Post by Captain_Tylor on Sat Apr 04, 2009 1:09 pm

IRC Nickname: Captain_Tylor
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): GLaDOS

Character Name: Corticarte Apa Lagranges
Original Dimension: Shinkyoku Sōkai Polyphonica

Race: Spirit
Age: ???
Sex: Female
Height: 4'10 (sealed) 6'2 (unsealed)
Weight: 110 (sealed) 155 (unsealed)
Likes: Egg sandwiches, strawberry juice, Phoron's song, being right (which she is all the time in her mind)
Dislikes: People messing with things that are hers, not being right

Physical Description (Or picture):

Powers and Special Abilities:

6 winged spirit-
Capable of flight at fast, but not impossibly fast speeds.
Can create energy barriers which block physical and spiritual attacks
Able to create a bubble of energy in which people can survive underwater, in space, or other areas with pressure/air issues
Can phase through unshielded solids such as doors and walls, but, this takes a fair amount of power
Capable of tossing red bolts of energy in the fire/lightning spectrum of power
Spirit body is highly resistant to damage

When unsealed power magify exponetially, but this require Phoron to play his one man orchestra and not make mistakes

Weapons and Gear:

Spirit: She IS magic and can't act in places that it doesn't exist in
Commandia: If cut off from devine songs for too long becomes weak and looses control of her power
Seal: Is normally in a weaker sealed form, requires her Divine Song to be sung to unseal


The spirit Tatara made a contract with. Corti, as Phoron calls her, is one of the eldest spirits in their world, having six wings and called the Red Elder Spirit —as well as other titles such as Crimson Annihilator or Bloody Duchess. She is entranced by young Phoron's singing voice and thus decides to make a pact with him so he will be hers only.

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