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Post by Captain_Tylor on Sat Apr 04, 2009 1:10 pm

IRC Nickname: Captain_Tylor
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): GLaDOS

Character Name: Jacqli (Mir)
Original Dimension: Ar Tonelico

Race: β pure-blood Reyvateil
Age: Looks 15 (328)
Sex: Female
Height: 60inches
Weight: 98lbs
Likes: Fish, reading, screwing with people's minds, baths
Dislikes: Humans, servitude, fake acts of kindness

Physical Description: https://2img.net/h/i206.photobucket.com/albums/bb89/DarkWingedPhenix/Ar%20Tonelico/largeAnimePaperscans_Ar-Tonelico_So.jpg (The one in black)

Powers and Special Abilities:
Can use song magic - takes time (2 or so rounds per level in game time of the video game) to gather strength. Usually summons a hymnos spirit (all but Those Memories) and injury will disrupt songs so she needs a bodyguard.
Songs known -
Those Memories: 1 level
Level 1: Attack with a strange magic bullet for light blast damage
Moody Girl: 3 levels
Level 1: Darkness causes the shadows to choke the life out of a target
Level 2: Summons an evil eye to shoot lasers at target
Level 3: Summons the power of death to strike out at a target
My Slaves: 4 levels
Level 1: Summons ELMA series to fire lasers at opponents
Level 2: Summons demon Zodom (Collection of evil looking plushies) to attack with death plushies
Level 3: Summons Jacqli Robo to fire big lasers
Level 4: Summons Mir's demon form to unleash demonic damage
Dream Diver: 1 level
Level 1: Ducky shaped pastries appear and attack targets
Pretty Medicine: 2 levels - Summons a little girl riding on an energy drink for the following effects
Level 1: heals minor cuts and bruises, as well as sniffles and low level things like food poisoning
Level 2: Heals major cuts and bruises, detoxifies most normal poisons, acts as smelling salts

Can pilot the Jacqli Robo (can't sing while doing this)
Any food cooked which is NOT seafood will be made atomic levels of spicy

Weapons and Gear:
Jacqli Robo - A 3 meter tall mini mecha, that can fly and fire occasional laser blasts. Low power, not well armored, made for traveling between towers. Transforms to a robotic wolf form when not in use but has no AI so requires control. Will just follow Jacqli if summoned.

Weaknesses: Reyvateils are similar to human, just slightly weaker, and her magics take time where she can not be too badly injured to cast.

Background: Originally made as a Reyvateil who was to have no will of her own to interfear with song magic creating by the techicians of the tower Sol Ceil. Eventually she gained sentience and realized what the humans that made her made her to be. This made her rather snippy where she raised a revolution of other Reyvateil, which eventually failed, but she had grown powerful enough that she needed to be sealed away. Several hundred years later she emerged as the Mother virus, and was ultimately defeated and stripped of a large portion of her power. Afterwards she came to terms with humanity (though she still doesn't much care for them) and left to research how to recover the lost ground of the planet Ar Ceil.

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