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Leave On Sion (Ali's Dimension) - Please Read!!! Empty Leave On Sion (Ali's Dimension) - Please Read!!!

Post by Azriel on Sat Apr 11, 2009 3:15 am

Well, with all that's been said and done with the missions and the crew's success. Sion is finally back to its original, habitable state before the ongoing madness of a deranged, seven year war based upon revenge and lust.

Sion looks about as normal as any other planet they've come across save for the five moons orbiting around the planet in a circle. Sion has one sun and five moons with respectable names. The name of their sun is called Arbitra and the names of the five moons are Vexel, Tria, Aiga, Nul, and Sy. The electrical storms cease to exist in the atmosphere and are replaced with pleasant, white cloud formations against a blue sky during the daytime and a black sky during the nighttime. The moons are most visible during the night obviously. Sion has different climates and continents that vary. The climates range from arctic, desert/arid, temperate, tropical, and forest. There are a variety of lakes, rivers, deltas, and oceans abound with islands even. There are four main continents that make up Sion called Sanga, Lyria, K'revresca, and Juuna.

The city of Alta is located on the largest land mass known as Juuna. Alta is conveniently built on a plain of grassland and shrubbery. There is tall grass, wild flowers, bushes, small trees, and other low foliage dotting the landscape. From the north can be seen the coastline and the ocean, the east is a large, forested area with the ruins of a past city for exploring, to the west is a beautiful lake, and to the south is the start of a desert with an active volcano off in the distance of the desert.
It would be a good idea for the crew to -NOT- attempt to go off into the desert where the volcano is. The rest of the areas that correspond to the north, east, and west are free for exploring.

If the crew wants to explore Alta, they'll find that the military functions are kept in the outer wall and the city itself lying behind the inner wall. Most of the crew though, unless granted permission by Aliciel or the General himself, will -NOT- have access to the military's buildings or structures and instead will be redirected to go into the city. There is tons to do in the city. There are residential districts, business districts, and gardens. The residential area has homes, apartments, houses, etc. The business district has markets, stores, shopping areas, etc. The gardens host a variety of greenhouses and botanical gardens that had to support the base when Sion was a wasteland. Now, it functions more or less like a little city park and the library is located in that area for relaxing and reading!

Aliciel has granted the crew members some of the currency they use on Sion from the grace of her father so they can have fun while the government takes this time to reconstruct itself and fix things!

Around nighttime, there is word of a special event going on with one of its moons. Aiga is a moon similar to Earth's moon. It has very low gravity and its surface has a light gray color and looks very flat. It has less craters than Earth's moon, but carries a special kind of life form. They are plants called "Dust Blooms" and grow only on the surface of Aiga. They are entirely white with dusty-like leaves and petals. The flowers give off black pollen that sort of glows and twinkles like a star. There are no clouds on Aiga, but waves of rainbow-colored light, more or less, a Northern Lights effect to its atmosphere. The crew from the surface of Sion will be able to see this at night. To them, Aiga will seem to shimmer from the Dust Blooms with fragments of rainbow light reflecting off of the pollen. It will be very beautiful and relaxing to watch! Enjoy and have fun! <3

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