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Post by LocheEric on Mon Apr 13, 2009 12:01 am

IRC Nickname: Loche
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): LocheWork

Character Name: Aaron Weber
Original Dimension: Earth (designation 6190)

Race: Human (?)
Age: 22
Sex: M
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 230 lbs
Likes: Music in general, singing, talking shit, social interaction
Dislikes:Politics, any sort of complicated situation, lack of tolerance

Physical Description (Or picture):

Marshal Aaron Weber Pbucket

Marshal Aaron Weber Pbucket

(Borrowing picbase from Toshinden's David, as it's pretty perfect.)

Aaron primarily wears orange, and he's particularly fond of trenchcoats - his Marshalship jacket is actually one of the few that IS a trenchcoat, pulling a few strings in order to do so. His skin is slightly tanned. His black hair is usually a mess, often shaggy and unkempt. He's tall, thin, and vaguely effeminate...until he opens his mouth.

Powers and Special Abilities: Aaron has an incredibly large mana pool, for a normal human - he's intuitive and is able to learn magic fairly quickly, if he's taught. His only spell at current gives him the ability to summon his weapon of choice to him, normally housing it in a pocket of dimensional space (sorta like hammerspace). He can dissipate and summon it nearly instantly.

Aaron has currently shifted his Focus Specialization into Cybernetic Technology, specializing in the mental wellbeing, physical health and social progression of androids, cyborgs, and synthetic metahumans - it's a long hard road ahead of him, but he's more than willing to try.


Arcane Denial: This spell counters a spell, bestowing a moment of clarity upon both spellcasters.

Personal Barrier: Activated by focusing on a small jewel given to him by Keona Tay'al, this device/spell allows him to erect a small spherical barrier around himself. This is magical in nature, and requires a small bit of conscious thought to maintain.

Aaron is one of the few Marshals in Gatekeeper to have mastered the usage of a *chainsaw* as his melee weapon of choice, and uses it much like a two-handed sword, able to swing it quickly and decisively.

Weapons and Gear: Aaron's chainsaw is one specifically made for melee combat and intimidation; its teeth are very well defined, and the noise it makes is *loud*, resembling a normal gas-powered engine, but it doesn't seem to be reliant on fuel.

St. Michael - Aaron's second chainsaw, this stained-glass monstrosity is faster but without the jagged teeth of Aaron's original, thusly it does less damage in general. However, the chain has been consecrated by Seiya Sumeragi, and does several times more damage per swing to any demonic or undead enemy, causing heavy holy damage.

Kaminari no Ken - Constructed by Crono Arinborn and Aaron's third chainsaw, the thin blade of this weapon is lined with several slits - a trigger pops out several barbs which catch the target, and another button sends courses of electricity into the captured enemy! This is INCREDIBLY effective against mechanical enemies and opponents weak to electricity. Without the barbs, however, actually connecting with the saw long enough to get a decent electrical blast may be difficult!

EMUS System: A red and black leather suit worn under Aaron's orange trenchcoat, this enables Aaron to move extremely fast for a short period of time - this, however, causes his minor burns, and can't be used for at least a day after activation.

Weaknesses: Aaron has a slight temper, and once he's started talking shit at an enemy, for better or worse, he won't stop unless forced to by his teammates or out and out defeated.

His chainsaw is difficult to conceal without the use of magic, and if in a null magic field, he won't be able to summon it directly to him.

Background (Please keep this semi-short): Aaron Weber was born on an Earth that to most people is idyllic - world peace has been achieved, crime has been pushed to an all time low and governments the world over work in synchronization and good will. This caused Aaron's Earth to become recognized by the CoRe, and is one of the few Earths to formally be a part of CoRe.

Being one of the 5% of human beings able to learn magic on his world, Aaron was selected by his Earth to become the first human on his planet to undergo Marshalship training, in order to better represent his world. He's very proud of his recent graduation, and of his latest promotion to Marshal Third Rank.

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