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IRC Name: Azriel
IRC Nickname (s): Azzy, Kanna

Character Name: Amunet (Amu for short)
Original Dimension: Ansena (original)

Race: Human/Spiritual Being
Age: 30 (Unaging because she died once and her growth is sort of put on a stasis)
Birthdate: October 27th (Scorpio)
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Likes: Exotic dancing, incense, fragrant oils, fine jewelry, panthers, and gardens.
Dislikes: Being confined to small spaces, cold weather, insects, snakes, and heavy labor.

Physical Description: Amunet is a pure-blooded Egyptian woman with a slender body that has curves in all the right places from head to toe. Her skin is a very dark, mahogany tan from extreme exposure to the desert sun of her home world and produces natural protection from the harmful UV rays. She has long legs, plump buttocks, and a ample chest for dancing.
The dark color of her skin helps her long, neatly cut, black hair and light grey eyes stand out against her soft complexion. She looks well-toned in the legs, stomach, and arms, but not overly toned since most of her exercise comes from dancing and not heavy labor. Amu isn't a stickler for fashion and isn't afraid to flaunt off her body either. Because naturally, Egyptian woman were not ashamed to show large quantities of skin since it helped keep them cool in the desert. She loves to wear jewelry and can usually be found wearing gold or jewel encrusted pieces such as tiaras, decorative collars, anklets, bangles, earrings, armbands, and belts. Most of the time her clothes will consist of rich, but loosely free and billowing linen in the form of white goddess robes decorated with the usual colors of Egyptian culture such as red, blue, light blue, green, gold, and black. Once in a while, her robes will carry behind a billowing cape as well. She doesn't dress provocatively to gain attention or because she's a slut, she dresses this way because its part of her culture and doesn't feel that the way she dresses is wrong in anyway. She also has heavy black eyeliner and blue eyeshadow with some glitter around her eyes for that exotic, sensual look.
The most notifying part of her ensemble is a black arm glove on her right arm underneath a spiraling golden asp curling around her arm. This decorative arm jewelry seems to have more of a purpose than to just look pretty...

Amunet Ancient_Egypt_Dreams_by_CiLiNDr0

Powers and Special Abilities:
-She is quite skilled in dancing to entice people she likes or distract an enemy's attention. <3 So, she has that natural seduction technique down pack.
-She can manipulate any kind of sand and actually turn herself into sand and use that to get around. It's to an extent except that it can be physically seen by the eyes. When she turns into sand, she can make the sand move on a nonexistent wind by magic and go under doors, through cracks, keyholes, and other tiny spaces that can be found small enough for sand to seep through.
-She has the spiritual power and guidance of an Egyptian high priestess.
-Her spiritual powers include the effect of light-based magic that she can conjure using the Armband of Seth at will when she needs to attack or defend against an assault. The magic itself comes from the spiritual pressure surrounding her such as things like animals, the environment, and people. Then, it is channeled through the restraints of her armband and manifested into a physical, viewable form that others can see. To the visible eye, it looks like glowing, shining gold/white light and can occasionally take the color of black and comes in many viewable forms such as orbs, whips, discs, shields, and swords. Basically, all she has to do is imagine the shape of the light in her mind with a crystal clear picture and the spiritual energy will take the shape that is shown in her mind. The spiritual magic can destroy objects or hurt others depending on the amount of pressure she collects, controls, and releases. For example, it can be used to destroy structures, buildings, inanimate objects like vehicles and hurt others by cutting them, burning them, or blinding them. The sensation the light leaves on humans is a burning sensation much akin to getting hurt with fire or getting blinded by intensely bright light. However, the only things she cannot touch with her spiritual magic are things she can't see, such as ghosts. In order for her magic to have -any- effect at all, Amunet has to be able to -see- the target.
-She can also use this spiritual pressure to create protection amulets shaped like small, golden Ankhs that can be carried by others. The protection spell is formed by gathering spiritual pressure from the armband and infusing it into the inanimate object and sealing it with a simple Egyptian incantation. The protection amulets will be able to dispel physical and magical offensive attacks against the user and take the blow for them if their own will or faith is higher than their disbelief and doubt. Which means, they have to believe the amulets will work in order for them to -actually- work. The amulets, however, cannot be combined with other magical amulets from foreign lands since they will negate each others affects.
-Amunet also might be able to do a little foresight and see into the future based on her priestess powers, but its based merely on luck more than anything since she doesn't practice it often.
-She's had extensive training in using a bow and arrow set, but isn't too much of a weapon's person in general.

Weapons and Gear:
-Her pet panther, Isis.
-The gold and black snake armband on her right arm known as the "Armband of Seth" in her language.
-Her bow made of cedar and her quiver of gold tipped arrows.

-She's weak to other weapons such as swords, guns, spears, etc. Any other melee or technical weapon can still harm her to an extent.
-She cannot deal with harsh, cold climates and is heavily slowed down and greatly weakened. She's just not used to that kind of extreme. This could include ice magic too as she's not accustomed to extremely cold temperatures.
-Her panther can be hurt and distract her or become a liability.
-Her magic is not 100% full-proof.
-Her amulets can be broken, tainted, or plain just not work.

Background: Amu was born and raised on the completely desert world of Ansena, ruled by a great Pharaoh and his Queen as a monarchy in the capital of Menefer. The town of Siwah was an average, little town built near an oasis that supplied the town with shade, food, and fresh water. Siwah was where Amunet was born and raised from. As a little girl, Amunet would spend her days studying in the gardens or being taught by a scribe near the watering hole. Much of the time she wanted to play with the other children and have fun, but her family objected it as a waste of precious time. Amu was born into a long lineage of successful priests and priestess dedicated to the high temples and the Gods of her home world. Much to her dismay, Amu was not as enthusiastic about religion like her fellow patriots. Amu could care less for worshiping and would rather spend her days dancing in the pavilions and browsing the market places for trinkets.
It was as a child that Amu met her first friend, a black panther cub called Isis. Isis was imported from the capital by her family as a gift to her on her 10th birthday. Amu made no time in befriending the little panther cub and taming its wild heart. Soon after, Amu and Isis became the best of friends and great companions for one another since Isis was the only one Amunet could talk to that would listen to what she has to say.
Isis was like a representation of the freedom that Amu longed for against her family's expectations and the wild dancing she wished she could do forever. Shortly after her 16th birthday, Amunet was successfully inducted as a high priestess to the Temple of Ra and her duty was to grant prayers, do upkeep, and guard the precious artifact of the temple known as the "Armband of Seth". The Temple of Ra were built to be the largest temple overall and housed a global deity that reigned as the supreme god across Ansena for generations. He was depicted as the glorious sun god with a human body and the head of a falcon. Ra was portrayed as the ruler of all the Egyptian gods and goddesses and father to all. Most of his followers were people who believed that light was the most important. That the sun brought bounty, life, and protection from the evils of there world. Most followers were good nature people and very superstitious. Amunet wasn't selected to be in the temple for her skills, but because of her blood right. It was her destiny to serve in the Temple of Ra just as her parents, grandparents, and their ancestors served before that and she hated that fact. She dragged on boringly for months doing mundane priestess tasks until one faithful day when her curiosity and rebellious nature would change everything.
Amunet decided to try on the armband and see for itself what was so important about it and that was the moment her entire life changed. The skies crackled and there was great sand storms starting as the armband clung to Amu's flesh tightly and no matter how hard she tried, she could not remove the eccentric device. In a rush and flash of lightning, a surge of power rushed through Amunet's veins and body, power that she never felt before in her entire life as a priestess. It was dark power that rivaled her own lowly spiritual power. The armband was rumored by previous priests to have malicious intent and known only to cause destruction, chaos, and sadness whenever it was used. For a brief moment, Amunet felt like the world belonged to her and that she was unstoppable. She was controlled by the crazed power of the armband and maliciously murdered the rest of the priests and even her family, because she was fueled by the hatred of them trying to control her life deep in her subconscious. The Armband of Seth feeds off the negative emotions of its user and acts upon them to fulfill the desire of the owner and its own sentient lust for cold blood. Amunet lost more than just herself that day, she lost her entire family, her heritage, her lineage, and...her life.
After the power subsided, Amunet regained her senses only to find herself standing in the middle of the temple with dead bodies surrounding her and guards from the capital pointing spears at her face in careful anger. Amunet was bind by special chains made to suppress the power of the armband and her own power and brought to the capital for execution by order of the Pharaoh. Once there, she had no choice but to be executed on the spot and then buried underneath the sand dunes on the outskirts of the capital. After a few weeks, she heard a soft voice speak to her from the sun and ask her soul if she wanted a second chance. She could not tell where the voice had come from or who was behind it, but she nodded hesitantly beneath the burning sands. The voice went quiet, having felt pity on the girl and revived her from beneath the sands in her own young body from the day she died. He gave her a task to prove if she intended to keep on living freely again, to prove that she herself was not malicious and only then will the voice remove the armband that plagues her and gives her the freedom she always wanted in the first place. This leaves Amunet in her form as she is now, she's human, but not quite as she only possesses a physical body with some strings attached. Until she can prove herself, she will not age because that would be an act of giving her life and freedom again, instead she must live for now in the same time frame and only when she changes herself will her body change with her.

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