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Post by devilmanrach on Wed Apr 15, 2009 10:02 pm

IRC Nickname: Rachel
Alternate IRC Nickname(s):

Character Name: Sretzi Shannon
Original Dimension: Sunrise Earth, Year 3009

Race: Half-Platinum (space) Dragon
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Height: 5' 1"/6' 6"/10' long from nose to tail tip, 3.5' wide
Weight: 107 lbs/410 lbs/A little over a half-ton
Likes: Good food, being cozy and warm, plushes, fantasy and sci fi books
Dislikes: People that look down at her, being cold and uncomfortable, textbooks, simulated food

Physical Description (Or picture):
Sretzi Shannon Sretzihuman

In her hybrid form, her skin turns silvery, keeping a slight human peachness to it. Part of her hair forms into her horns, which sweep back like two lightning bolts. Gems dot her body in certain places, such as across her collar bone, her forearms, palms, knees, back and the arches of her feet. Her nails become the same dark purple color as her hair and grow out into short claws. On her back, rather than typical dragon wings, are two stubs, the same dark purple as her hair/horns/claws. A stubby tail also appears, with three large gems at the end.

In her full dragon form, she has the body of a cat, the neck of a swan, and a not-so-long tail. Her face is somewhat blunted like that of a gold dragon's, and the inhuman features she possessed are now at full size. Her skin is a light, silvery platinum-white.

Powers and Special Abilities:
While in human form, Sretzi is quite sensitive to magical auras.

In hybrid form, the gems on her body allow her do a number of things, such as flying, firing blasts of raw energy, and creating a shield of raw magical energy. Each of these abilities draw on her own personal energy, thus if she uses them a lot, she'll become exhausted, or pass out. As for physical defenses, she's a bit resistant to cold, fire, and electricity, can take a small firearms bullet and be bruised like she were wearing a bulletproof vest, and can lift twice her weight easily.

In full form, she has all the benefits of her hybrid form... just she looks like a very young dragon.

In time, with the proper training, Sretzi could learn to do quite a bit more, such as augmenting her 'spell beams' to do various elemental damage, cause status effects, disrupt magic, or even heal others or shaping the raw magical energy into simple constructs such as weapons, snares and cages. This also means she could imbue her shielding in the same way.

Her physical abilities could easily increase, as the type of dragon she is can fly in space, though again, she has to build herself up to these things.

Level 0-
Prestidigitation - Minor, harmless tricks, such as cleaning or dirtying someone, producing bad odors, harmless sparks of light, summoning small trinkets out of nowhere.
Ray of Frost - A weak little ray of cold energy. Great for chilling drinks. Not so great for much else.

Level 1-
Magic Missile - Creates 2 little bolts of magical energy that hurt!
Summon Monster I (Ice Golem... though when she's bored, Popsicle Golem) - Creates a 3' tall, blocky humanoid of ice (or juice). Requires at least 1 gallon of water (or juice) to create.

Weapons and Gear:
None! Though she's quite knowledgeable in fairly hightech stuff... at least how to use it, she's no electronics nut.

Other than the exhaustion from overusing her powers, anything that disrupts magic hurts her. She is also vulnerable to raw magical effects, and especially effects/enchantments that target dragons, no matter what form she is in.

1000 years in the future, humanity believes they have the universe figured out. Other aliens are too primitive or... alien to bother contacting, time and space is relative, and magic was just science which the primitive human race could not understand.

...That last part was found to be very wrong on October 31st, 3008 AD.

1000 years before, a mysterious explosion rocked the Tunguska area... and in 3008, another explosion would wipe it off the map, and usher in a strange, new era. The world saw the strange aurora rise in the sky, then flush out across the planet, awakening something ancient in a tiny bit of the population which still lived on Earth. One of those affected by it was a somewhat spoiled homebody of a girl... who woke up one morning to find she had become a dragon. This alarming event would lead her into more trouble, as others who had become different hunted her... as she was a dragon, and as all the tales go, dragons = power. On top of that, the scientific leaders of the world were after those that had become something other than human, wanting to hide the fact magic... just might be real.

A kindly old man found Sretzi, terrified and alone, and deemed that she was not yet ready to face the danger that her new life presented... so gave her a gift. The old man conjured a rift to another place, another time... a place where she could be safe, but all the while, she could grow stronger and perhaps help bring peace to this new, dark era on the planet Earth.

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