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Post by Azriel on Thu Apr 16, 2009 8:00 pm

IRC Nickname: Azriel
Alternate IRC Name (s): Azzy, Kanna

Character Name: Major Mira Lunaca
Original Dimension: Sion

Race: Human
Age: 25
Sex: Female
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 118 lbs.
Likes: Computers, tech stuff, being silly, root beer, and experimentation.
Dislikes: Make-up, vegetables, being called "Shorty", and work.

Physical Description: Mira is the shortest team member and probably the least looking intimidating one. She has fairly dark skin, close to the darkness an islander would have from the sun exposure. She has bright green eyes and short, straight red hair with blonde highlights. Her hair is usually carried into a messy bun in the back that spikes and flares outward into a crazy, yet fairly nice looking style. She also has a tattoo of a flaming bunny rabbit (A cute bunny hopping away with flames) on her left shoulder. Mostly, she'll be wearing the same military uniform that all the other Majors wear with just some regular sneakers because she hates heels and can't work in them that well save for her Diva suit. Outside of combat, Mira can be found in simple clothes like cargo pants, a tube top underneath a mesh vest, goggles, and sneakers.

Powers and Special Abilities:
-Control of a special suit of armor infused with her body called a Diva.
-Her suit of armor is called Amphitrite, named after the Greek goddess of the sea.
-Her Diva was especially made to be excellent at long-range cannon fire such as plasma cannons and photon lasers. Amphitrite also has a booster/thruster system similar to Athena's and is the technical Diva that has a more advanced auto-repair function embedded into the system already. The plasma cannons are for extensive long range firing, while the photon lasers are for shorter distances and to keep people from engaging too up close and personal with Mira.
-The suit carries extra armor protection, the CAP system (Crisis Armor Protection), for that added boost of defense.
-Amphitrite can store energy that is fired back at her using a reflective shield system that shields against an energy attack that has been fired by an enemy. She then will collect the energy, store it, convert it, and then redirect it into an attack and fire it back at the enemy who fired it in the first place.
-Mira is a very technical person so she has a decent array of knowledge that involves computer systems and technology of the like. She's good at inventing gadgets, jamming signals, and hacking other systems.

Amphitrite Transformation:

Weapons and Gear:
-Her Diva suit, Amphitrite.
-The DI system on her left wrist that's the same as Ali's.
-Amphitrite carries the long range cannons on the back portion of the suit. The cannons are always out unless Mira needs to use the thrusters and only then will they be switched out.
-Mira also carries a laptop around with her for that quick Google search or whatever is needed for the moment which includes hacking, jamming, and other miscellaneous things! 8D

-Amphitrite was made for long range and short range firing only, so she's not too good at melee combat. Even if she does carry extensive armor for that type of combat, she won't last very long if its continuous.
-Weapons can still pierce through the armor sometimes and in portions where armor does not cover her body.
-Mira's technology skills aren't always 100% full-proof and her hacking can be blocked and stuff.
-Being called "short", yes it is a weakness because it will totally send her over the edge in annoyance and distract her heavily.

Mira is one of the Diva users from Sion that works with Aliciel and the military. She goes by her full title of Major Mira Lunaca, 1st Commander of Long-Range and Technical Tactics when she's addressed by her own military or by others that are of military rank and importance. She operates the Diva, Amphitrite, and was drafted into the Sion military when she was 25 years of age, making her the second newest and youngest member among the group of Majors. She didn't meet Aliciel until that time and hardly had anything to do with the military then.
Before she joined the military, Mira was part of a family of seven. She has a mother and father who owned a family bookstore and worked full-time. They left Mira in charge of her four other siblings to look after and tend to at home which made it hard for Mira to get out of the house and do anything on her own. This stay-at-home issue allowed her to freely and creatively express herself through the use of computers and technology because she could do this and watch after her brothers and sisters at the same time without ever leaving her home. Her extensive knowledge in machines and systems is what got her noticed and pulled into military life. She didn't really mind at all considering it was better than being stuck babysitting all the time and it got her closer to new pieces of innovative technology such as the military weapons, functions, and the Diva suits they used. Now, her mother and father only work at the bookstore part-time so they can watch their -own- children instead of putting all the responsibilities onto Mira.
After the incident with Sion, Mira decided to take some time off away from the duties and responsibilities of her own military with the permission of the General and see what Gatekeeper is all about. Mira also is going to act as a representative of Sion while being on Gatekeeper. She also just wanted to go because she's the most techie of the group and wants new things to tamper with and exploit! 8D

Reasons for being on Gatekeeper: She's acting as a representative of Sion's military to the CoRe and the Marshalship. She's also on Gatekeeper just to revel in the differences of their technology and be a nerd to the extremes!

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