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Tetsuo Usuda Empty Tetsuo Usuda

Post by Exacerangutan on Fri Apr 17, 2009 10:39 pm

IRC Nickname: Exacerangutan

Character Name: Tetsuo Usuda
Original Dimension: Neotokyo, 2036
in the future of the AKIRA setting

Race: Human
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 125lbs
Likes: Burgers, pizza, bikers and bikes, climbing/parkour, mothers, antagonizing cops (the sort of cops who want to keep him from riding his bike way way way over the speed limit)
Dislikes: Cops who want to keep him from riding his bike way way way over the speed limit, disrespect toward mothers, guns, drugs

Physical Description:
Tetsuo's kind of a moderate height for a Japanese kid, and a bit on the scrawny side, but he's pretty fit from keeping active. He has brown eyes, and black hair which tends to get long enough to turn into a sort of a punkish rat's nest, in no small part because he prefers to ride his bike without a helmet on. He usually wears tee shirts, jeans, and sneakers, and has a cherished bombardier jacket (with the fuzzy collar) given to him by a friend which he wears practically all the time. All his clothes (that he arrives with, at least) are tattered and beat-to-hell through being worn hard and rarely replaced.

Powers and Special Abilities:

Latent Precognition: This is purely unconscious, appearing to simply be extraordinary instincts and reflexes; this isn't nearly as developed as a Jedi's combat precognition, but is more like Spider-Sense without the superhuman agility and so forth.
Kaneda-Luck: Tetsuo's most directly inherited ability is much like his father's dumb (oh, so dumb) luck. Obviously, some uses of this require GM approval, but the general gist of it is that Tetsuo has an astonishing talent for surviving things... somehow, some way. This doesn't help him to succeed at anything---only to not get himself killed. Hails of bullets tend to hit everywhere isn't; he tends to somehow survive drops, avoid falling debris, and keeps his bike on its wheels despite all his stunts. He usually looks more crazy or inept-but-lucky than cool, when this kicks in, and it really only kicks in to keep him alive.
Gestalt: Tetsuo can form a fairly powerful psychic gestalt with his twin sister, if both are psychically synchronized; this usually means being close together and always requires shared intent. The more closely synchronized they are, the more powerful their resonance, and the greater their power. In theory, this could encompass telekinesis, teleportation, and so forth, but is unlikely to happen without both of them knowing about the ability. And, since Kinuko is Leah's character, this would also require Leah playing her. So all of this is really just a big wad of technicality which will most likely never come up, and would require GM approval for use, anyway.

Weapons and Gear:
Tetsuo's only weapons are of a very ordinary nature, including a length of pipe for use as a blunt instrument, and his pocket knife. He also has a mid-21st century motorcycle optimized by a very talented (but very low-budget) mechanic/engineer for high speed; it runs on a high-power fuel cell, to begin with.

After a traumatic childhood experience, Tetsuo is deeply terrified of firearms. He'd probably run the hell away or curl up in a ball if he wasn't walking chutzpah, but he tends to act like someone brave-but-inwardly-panicking whenever faced with guns, and will be extremely uncomfortable even around "friends" with firearms. Tetsuo tends to get confrontational to protect his "image," even when it turns out to work against him, although he usually gets along with similarly laid-back types.

Tetsuo grew up in Neotokyo, living with the foster-parents who had adopted him when he was an infant. His foster-mother Miyuki Usuda was a loving, kind young woman unable to have her own children, and all but decided that the boy was hers; his foster-father Kenshiro Usuda was a no-nonsense engineer for a company involved in the ongoing reconstruction of Neotokyo after the Olympic Bombing, who felt it important that Tetsuo know as soon as he could understand that he was adopted.
Even so, Tetsuo grew up a happy child, adoring both his adoptive parents... until, when he was 10 years old, Miyuki was killed shielding him from bullets when one of Neotokyo's neverending gang wars spilled into the street they were on. Never forgiving Kenshiro for not grieving enough, Tetsuo left home and joined a bike gang to which his best friend Hideo belonged, the Hungry Wolves. He was eventually welcomed into his new, less traditional family, including the gang leader Eiji (a mechanical adept and engineering college dropout) and a girl named Kinuko who joined shortly after Tetsuo, and with whom he bonded almost instantly.
However, this, too, lasted only for so long. When Tetsuo had been with the gang for six years, one gang member, a martial arts enthusiast who had taught Tetsuo how to fight, was shot to death in a conflict with a less peaceful rival gang; that one's sister OD'd a few months afterwards. Two more members of the gang were arrested for grand theft auto and a number of more trumped-up charges, due to the Neotokyo PD's policy of zero-tolerance against gang activity (when it was small-scale enough that they felt like getting involved). Finally, Eiji was badly injured in an accident, leaving him in a wheelchair, after which he moved out to the country with relatives. Within 11 months, the gang had totally fallen apart.
Tetsuo himself was out on a ride late at night to clear his head and try to figure out what his next step would be, when he found himself suddenly being trailed by MIBs. Tetsuo attempted to escape, driving evasively, figuring it was better to keep out of the hands of any government suit driving stereotypical MIB-cars; but just when it seemed they had him cornered, Tetsuo was suddenly surrounded in a glaring white light, the road had disappeared, and he was dimensionally displaced!

What Tetsuo doesn't know is that...
the MIBs had been keeping tabs on him all his life, because he was the son of Kaneda and Kei Shotaro, born during the brief period in which they had attempted to install a revolutionary, independent government in the ruins of Neotokyo. They were captured within a few years, but not before they had twin children: Tetsuo (Kaneda insisted on it despite Kei's resistance, as a kind of way for his one-time friend to be cleansed of everything that had happened in 2019), and his sister Kinuko, who happened to wind up in one another's company again after more than a decade of separation and not even knowing that one another existed. That, in fact, was the cause of the government's concern: they had always suspected that the Shotaro kids might be trouble, especially considering that their mother was such a talented Medium, and both their parents had spent so much time bathed in the psychic energies of Tetsuo Shima and Akira during the Tetsuo Incident. Both kids just happening to wind up close together again and disaster seeming to befall everyone close to them was too much coincidence to ignore, but Tetsuo Shima, watching with Akira from outside of space and time, made one last gesture to his old friend Kaneda, protecting his son from the government by flinging the boy across dimensions.


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