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Post by Sokai on Sat Mar 07, 2009 5:55 pm

IRC Nickname: Sokai
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Ceil

Character Name: Nemura Neoko (Neo)
Original Dimension: Alternative Bishoju Senshi Sailor Moon

Race: Reincarnated Human
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Height: 5'7"
Birthday: July 2
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: A
Favorite colors: Green and purple

Physical Description:
Neoko Nemura CTPNeoko
Neoko Nemura Chibi-neoko-fin2

Powers and Special Abilities:

Neoko is the Sundered Solider, the Guardian of Sleep and Dreams, the Senshi of Slumber, Sailor Isis.

Isis's primary function was to prepare the world for the coming of Crystal Tokyo, or to protect its people in the case of dire destruction. Isis's powers mostly function around the idea of sleep, awakening and dreams, and many of them use her halberd, called Broken Genesis, as a focal point. Eventually, with a great deal of training, it is theoretically possible for Neoko to have no need to henshin to use these abilities, but at this point she is very far from that possibility. Due to her natural affinity, Neoko is highly resistant to sleep/dream effects, and Sailor Isis is practically immune. Sailor Isis is as athletic and has the endurance/stamina of a human in peak condition, or perhaps slightly better. She is moderately capable in melee with her halberd. Sailor Isis also has the potential to become Hime no Isis, but this is a hyper-rare (plot based) occurrence.

Sailor Isis has two potentially world-affective spells that both require Broken Genesis.

[Genesis Lamentation] - This spell will freeze the target (or huge group of targets) into a magical crystal tomb, sending them into a deep sleep. Whether the sleep will be peaceful or nightmarish is up to Isis.

[Genesis Revelation] - This spell reawakens those frozen from Lamentation. It can also be used to break sleep spells or coma - there are very few beings that can resist Revelation's waking pull.

Sailor Isis also has three primary offensive attacks:

[Nightmare's Clutch] - This attack reaches into its victim's mind and causes momentary hallucinations of their worst nightmares, affecting their reactions. Sometimes causes self-harm, is often distracting or confusing.

[Wings of Truth] - In this attack, a wind swirls around Isis and feathers materialize, flying at her enemy in a flurry. If the feathers strike, they are razor edged and drain energy/mana.

[Throne of the Soul] - Isis floats into the air and points Broken Genesis at her enemy. A barrage of black sand bursts forth from the tip of the ankh and blasts her enemy. Grows more powerful the longer (freeform turns) it's charged.

Without transforming, Neo is very perceptive and sensitive to dreams - she can 'overhear' very intense or 'loud' dreams. With physical contact she can sense a person's dreams, soothe them to an extent and even remove them to her own mind, where they play out and eventually disappear without nearly the stress or trauma that would present in the person the dream originally occurred to. She rarely uses these abilities, finding them invasive and often unwanted. She has only ever taken dreams without their owners' permission in very extreme cases.


Unrelated to her past as a magical girl, Neo is also a fully trained, licensed, and certified scanner specialist, able to operate scanning systems on any CoRe or Marshalship spacecraft. She's slowly learning how to hack, currently the most proficient with electronic door locks. She's also an experienced chef.

Weapons and Gear:

Henshin Wand ("Isis Crystal Power, Make Up!") - This device allows Neo to transform into Sailor Isis, drawing out her natural power from the half a Sailor Crystal deeply rooted in her soul. With training and guidance, it could be possible for Neo to not need this.

Broken Genesis - Summoned by Sailor Isis's transformation, Genesis is a halberd tipped with a bladed, winged ankh. It serves as both weapon and focus point for many of Isis's spells. In its heart is an empty setting where it looks like a gem should rest. This is the place waiting for Isis's Sailor Crystal, which would let the halberd become Awakened Genesis, the Talisman of Sailor Isis. However, Isis's Sailor Crystal is sundered with half of it still within her brother, who was once the First Born Prince of Isis.

Fuku - Sailor Isis's sailor fuku is the fuku of the Senshi of Crystal Tokyo, which calls on aspects of all former variations of the uniform. Her skirt, collar, and ribbons are dark green, nearly black, while her bows and the second tier of her skirt are black. She wears gloves of black laced ribbon up to her elbows, and black ballet slippers, laced to the knee. Her shoulder armor is petal-shaped and transparent, her ribbons are long and thin, and adorning the center of her chest is a crystalline ankh. When transformed, a silver ankh glows upon her forehead.

Notable Possessions:

Ju-san ('13') - A Protoss construction probe. She probably shouldn't have this.
Laptop - A gift from Evan Pryde when she began scanner tech training, this state-of-the-art laptop is fully loaded with some of the highest tech credits can purchase.
Lawgiver MII Custom - Evan Pryde's modified sidearm, given to Neo upon his death. This gun has a few extra modes of fire that the standard Lawgiver doesn't, and the vocal OS can be switched between different voices. Rarely used.
9mm Custom - Hand-smithed 9mm pistol made by Tristan Cless. Rarely used.
First Rank Marshal's Jacket - Evan Pryde's jacket from his time as a captain and first rank Marshal, given to her upon his death. Black leather, scuffed.
Set of 8 Gym Badges from Kanto region
Set of 8 Gym Badges from Sinnoh region
Teddy bear in a chef's uniform


In human form, she's pretty much just a normal girl, with her greatest power being that of sarcasm and trolling. She's even a little out of shape.

Neoko has many mental blocks and problems with transforming into Isis. Neo/Isis's Sailor Crystal (the source of a Senshi's power) is sundered, split between herself and her older twin brother, Naoro. Without a full Crystal, many of Isis's powers are harder to use and slower to grow, and Neoko feels uncomfortable and unnatural as a senshi, very unlike the other Soldiers. Neoko is also actively avoiding many of the things that could help this situation, most of which are found in her home dimension.

She is a chronic insomniac, often weary and fatigued from her lack of sleep or restless slumber. She has a very hard time dealing with her own dreams and nightmares, some of which are simply from a troubled mind, others of which are nightmares she has pulled from the minds of others, particularly during the Silver Millennium.


A retired magical girl on the run from a secret past mistake, Nemura Neoko ended up on the Mark I, serving as chef and keeping her past under wraps.

After the MI's departure for a very unsafe journey, Neo stayed behind on Gatekeeper, working in the Marshalships' lounges and mess halls for months. With the help of her boyfriend, Marshalship officer Evan Pryde, she eventually trained to be a scanner operator. Upon receiving her certification, she applied and was hired for a position on the Blaze of Glory where many of her friends from the MI still served.

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