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Post by KesinNaban on Fri Apr 17, 2009 11:19 pm

IRC Nickname: Jade`
Alternate IRC Nickname(s):

Character Name: Artemis Calisa
Original Dimension:SaGa Frontier

Race: Full Mystic
Age: ??
Sex: Male
Height: 6'1"
Likes: Easy Marks, pestering Ralf
Dislikes: having his own dirty tricks back fire on him

Physical Description (Or picture):Artemis Calisa Artemis
His hair is darker Cyan, his eyes are a burgundy color, and his mage outfit is mostly brown and red, [that would be the one of the left]

and his iRPO outfit on the right .. which the colors for are about right

Powers and Special Abilities:
Skilled in the Arts of Sleight of hand

Known Spells

Mystic spells
Fascination: a spell used by mystics either to lower the guard of an enemy, get them to turn on a fellow ally/foe or even to get them to do something for the caster
Glass Shield: a protective glass shield that forms around the user or users target that shatters on any physical contact and cuts at the one who shattered it
Broken Glass: a secondary use for the glass shield turns it into a weapon .. , mystics can use this skill to shatter the shield them selfs and send the magic glass shards flying at there enemies. ( Hidden Mystic spell)
Mirror Shade: Summons 1-4 Caster illusions in front of Users or targets of the spell, Illusions are destroyed upon physical attack.

Rune Spells
Hide Rune: Makes an target of the spell invisible.

"Integrated Spells"
Artemis Calisa MislasTattoo-1
[Realm Glyph]
Energy Chain: A powerful beam of energy fired from the caster's hand
Vermilion Sand: A powerful Realm self that summons up sand and then engulfs it's victim in giant sand globes of it ..
before exploding and sending what ever it is/was for a spin in the air before landing

Weapons and Gear:

Artemis Calisa TwinSword
Mystic Sword: 'AuraBlade' allows him to sap energy from living organics needed for his spell casting, it will either sap
life force or 'Ether' from what it hits

Weaknesses:The spells he has are all he can ever learn, Due to the experamentation done to him his ability to have the
'Gifts' have been wiped out.
Aside from that he is rather stubborn and egotistical at times.

Background (Please keep this semi-short - the best way to find out about a character is through roleplay) Arty Is a young thief guild leader as well as a mystic. Though his many adventures and Heists he managed to run into the iRPO and Ralf several times. Cause he is one of the more skilled thieves and a Mystic on top of that, because of this he was hunted down by the iRPO to be arrested. Ralf, being new to the iRPO at the time was sent to caught him. He would soon find out Arty's secret during one of there many bouts. Arty was a Mystic who could use Realm magic, something that was not supposed to me possible. after reporting back to Fuse, the leader of iRPO, he was sent with reenforcement to caught arty and question him. Arty and his band of thieves would make one last heist on the Casino Baccarat before Arty would be caught by Ralf. After a long talk Ralf would find out that Arty is a experiment of the Biolab staff in Strike. Arty decides to make a deal with Ralf and asks for his freedom, if he helps him take down the Biolabs. A long story short they take down the labs and arty later becomes an iRPO agent himself. He would disappear a few months later .. never to be seen or heard from agian.....


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