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Post by `Citan on Sun Apr 19, 2009 4:01 am

IRC Nickname: `Citan
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): None

Character Name: Benjamin "Ben" Tennyson
Original Dimension: Ben 10: Alien Force

Race: Human
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 159 lbs
Likes: Soccer, junk food, smoothies, rock music
Dislikes: Aliens (and humans) who try to take things by force

Physical Description (Or picture): Picture pending

Powers and Special Abilities: See Omnitrix under weapons and gear. Is resourceful, especially under pressure. Has shown apptitude in figuring out the workings of alien technology.

Weapons and Gear: The Omnitrix is a wrist watch like device that allows him to temporarily take the form of another speices, taken from the extremely vast genetic database stored in the watch. He selects the form on a dial on the face of the watch and activates it, allowing him to use the abilities of the chosen race until the watch runs out of energy. WHen he first re-activated the watch (age 15), he has a bank of ten aliens and has the potential to unlock more over time.

Humungousaur: Brutish dinosaur like form, is very strong and resillient and can grow to up to 60 feet, though the bigger he gets the more beastial he gets, the quicker the watch times out and the greater the strain on Ben.

Big Chill: A lithe, moth like alien that can fly, breathe freezing vapors, become incorporial for short ammounts of time, and can (if he wants to) freeze objects he passes through. Is not made for physical combat and his light frame doesn't allow him to take hits very well.

Grey Matter: A tiny, ultraintelligent alien, when Ben takes this form, he is super smart and able to invent any number of devices, as well as alter, upgrade and repair technology at the cost of being about six inches tall.

Chromastone: Silicon based life-form with crystaline formations on his body. From those crystals he can project light from normal lights of various spectra to lasers that can be used in combat. HIs body is highly resillient to physical injury and can absorb light-energy but suseptable to sonic vibrations.

Echo Echo: Small creature whose body is a living sonic amplifier. Can scream at supersonic levels and clone himself. Can also use echolocation. Due to small stature, Echo Echo has very little physical combat abilities.

Goop: An amorphous green blob-like creature who can take various shapes and is highly resistant to physical damage, as the goo that makes up his body can just form around the injury. THe slime is controled by a UFO like object hovering above it. Ben's mind is also within the UFO object. If the UFO and the slime are separated, the slime becomes inert until the UFO can recollect it.

Jetray: A small humanoid resembling a manta ray, Jetray can fly and swim at high speeds. Is also capable of firing neuroshock blasts from his eyes and tail that have a somewhat painful stunning effect on most life forms. HIs light body makes him ill suited to close combat.

Spidermonkey: Spidermonkey is a blue, six armed simian that sports in his tail and can stick to walls. Spidermonkey is agile but not very strong.

Heatblast: A magma-based creature that can control fire at will, blasting jets of it from his body, can even create jets to simulate flight. Has a highly durable body, but cannot allow himself to be cooled below a certain temperature or be doused in fire retardent material, or his flames go out, and if his body temperature drops too low, it could cause serious harm.

Upgrade: Upgrade is a techno-organic being, comprising of an amorphous colony of nanomachines. Upgrade can assymilate, upgrade and control any piece of technology. His amorphous body can also mold to whatever shape he needs. He cannot assymilate anything organic and is suceptable to anything that would damage technology.

Weaknesses: Normal Human Weaknesses, When his transformed state is injured, his injuries carry over when he reverts to human form, only takes one form at a time and has to revert to human form before transforming again or he risks locking down the watch for an extended period of time or injuring himself, some of his forms are extremely stressful on his mind or body, tends to think like he has to shoulder all of the responsibility all the time all by himself, tends to overthink situations (overcompensation for being extremely impulsive as a child). Also, see individual alien forms for drawbacks. The watch sometimes seems to have a mind of it's own and Ben doesn't always get the alien he actually picked (as determined by a success roll (above 25 on a d100?), failed roll means I roll for a random alien).

Background (Please keep this semi-short - the best way to find out about a character is through roleplay): Ben first found the Omnitrix when he was ten years old and spent several months playing the part of a hero before having the Omnitrix removed (it grafts to it's user). When he was fifteen, he once again donned the watch and has been learning what a hero -really- is. Both times he uses the watch to protect his friends and his planet from alien and supernatural threats. Sinse then he became a Plumber (a sort of intergallactic cop) and was later transfered to Marshalship to be able to gain more experience than he would have as a Plumber.


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