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Post by devilmanrach on Mon Apr 20, 2009 4:23 am

IRC Nickname: Rachel
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): DevilmanRach, Leangle

Character Name: Reina Yates, though goes around as Green Lantern all the time
Original Dimension: Earth Prime

Race: Human
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Height: 5' 0"
Weight: 112 lbs
Likes: Movies, comics, video games, tokusatsu and kaiju films, traveling, flying, stargazing, making friends, hanging out with friends, good food
Dislikes: Assholes, people that doubt her capabilities, wanton destruction, stagnation

Physical Description (Or picture):
Reina's hair is shoulder length and naturally curly, a dark brown color with red highlights. Her eyes are normally dark brown, though when her ring is active (as it usually is), her eyes are either blank, or neon green. Her skin is well tanned, body is slim and a little 'soft' (no real noticeable muscle tone), and she's a bit stacked. Her usual clothing style is... well, whatever the hell is clean... usually t-shirts, bluejeans or khakis... she's not a 'style' person.

Lantern uniform is noticeably modified from the traditional, with the suit being a mostly black bodysuit, with a green 'vest' resembling the red areas on Spider-man's torso with metallic green shoulders, the GL emblem stylized across the chest like Superman's 'S-symbol', white gloves, green 'half boots' like Spider-girl's... and sometimes a regular ol' domino mask.

Powers and Special Abilities:
GLP is a friendly person, very very friendly, and is easy to get along with.

GLP is also ridiculously knowledgeable of comics, especially DC Comics (though not Vertigo). She has some knowledge of Marvel, and a smattering of tidbits about Image, Darkhorse, Malibu, and the huge amount of Indie companies.

Weapons and Gear:
GL, of course, has a ring. ...A busted ring that's survived the destruction of a whole universe. As it's busted, it can't do... quite a lot of what a Lantern ring can do, and what it CAN do is... pretty limited.
Flight - Can fly about Mach 5 (a regular ring would allow for light speed) with ridiculous maneuverability. Reina is a very, VERY competent flyer, good enough to dogfight with a Seeker... or a Valkyrie if she could fly that fast.

Life Support - Can survive in space, underwater, or any other place that regular humans can't. Can extend this to a 10' bubble so that others can enjoy the benefits.

Energy Constructs - While normally, the ring can create anything a person can imagine, GLP's ring is so broken that it can only create things that she has complete working knowledge of -- and considering she's not some engineering genius, this leaves her a bit limited. Thankfully, with help from friends and a hell of a lot of experimenting, she does have a small arsenal of constructs, listed below:
-Electromagnetic Pulse Rifle! Does just as it says. Strong enough to disorient an organic lifeform, or completely disable a large robot... primarily Decepticons.
-Micromissile Swarm. Remember that wicked trick Iron Man pulled on the terrorists holding people hostage in the movie? That's what this is.
-Hulkbuster Forcefield Generators. Pokeball-sized bundles of city protecting joy, each one protects a 100'x100' area when placed (usually by being thrown). The Hulkbuster forcefield is unique in that it absorbs the kinetic energy of whatever is thrown at it, growing stronger off the kinetic energy, while leaving whatever is being protected unharmed. Can be used to rather effectively disable large and powerful opponents without them causing harm to anyone or anything.
-Grimlock - ME GRIMLOCK. ME KING. ...Yes, she has the schematics of Grimlock, the Tyrannosaurus dinobot of destructive glory. Due to Grimlock's ricockulous power, this is used as a last resort.
-She can also create simple objects! She likes creating crobars for some unfathomable reason.
-Finally, she can create holographic images of anything she can imagine, of any size! Just... they're... green, holographic images. Though this means she can create a mean Hulk illusion to scare folks... but it'd havta be naked... and who wants to see a naked Hulk? Sad

-Her ring runs off energy, and the bigger and more awesome the effect, the faster the energy runs out. ...As her ring is FUBAR'd, this means that she can set up 2 Hulkbusters, then fire off one shot of her guns, or randomly create simple crap to 'throw' at whatever she's facing at the time.

-Her ring also runs off of willpower, thus requires concentration to use! Distractions of any kind are bad for a Lantern, but they're worse for one working with very limited energy.

-Due to the fact she has had no training, GLP has no idea that there is no longer a yellow weakness -- thus she avoids trying to affect anything yellow, or she WAY overuses her ring's power in trying to affect the yellow thing, which could unintentionally cause more harm AND use up way too much power.

-Much like homesickness is a NASTY status effect in Earthbound, it affects Reina pretty heavily. If she is not doing something that will lead her back to her dimension, she will not be 'in it' 100%... thus her constructs will be only half as powerful, and she just really won't give a crap.

Background (Please keep this semi-short):
It's the same story told about Superboy Prime, back before his world was supposedly destroyed in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Reina's life was normal and boring as hell. She spent her time buried in fiction to find some escape from the mundanity... then she and her friends decided, in the summer of 2007, to go to Megacon in Orlando. And that's when everything got... interesting. Rifts in the fabric of reality opened naturally, people that were once thought fictional were brought to this world (some say brought to life, but Reina despises that theory), and during the year, it was discovered this was some strange, alien intelligence's doing -- and the alien intelligence had to be stopped, or it would tear the universe asunder. So the 'realsiders' and 'othersiders' came together to defeat the alien intelligence and send it back to the void... but the rips in reality stayed open, and more continued to come through... and some became 'lost' in the rifts... as what happened to Reina one night. Now stuck on Gatekeeper, she's been trying desperately to get back home, as she's quite a bit homesick.

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