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Drossel von Flügel Empty Drossel von Flügel

Post by Mythos on Mon Apr 20, 2009 9:27 pm

IRC Nickname: Mythos
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Ryo-Ohki

Character Name: Drossel von Flügel (The 19th Lord of Uranos' Kingdom's Tempest Domain, Drossel Juno Vierzehntens Heizregister Fürstin von Flügel)
Original Dimension (this should refer to anime/TV show/movie/etc your character is from, if they are an original based in that world or an established from that world): A alternate universe, a planet distant from Earth. Very off in the future. (48794 in Merkur Calendar)

Race: Robot
Age: 20,000+
Sex: Female?
Height: Relatively short. I'd guess around 4'8"
Weight: Slightly heavy, but has high reflexes and fast movement, so can't weigh more than 150.
Likes: Being treated with respect and not being interrupted. Doing whatever comes to her mind at the time.
Dislikes: Being interrupted or made fun of. (May mis-interpret something as being teased.)

Physical Description (Or picture): Drossel von Flügel Drossel

Powers and Special Abilities: Her eyes can turn into a flashlight mode in the dark. She might? know how to fly with a head accessory (She hasn't fully figured it out). And she claims to know karate.. but the effectiveness of it might be a moot point.

Weapons and Gear: Head accessory for flight.

Weaknesses: She doesn't quite understand anything. Will jump to conclusions or ask too many questions.

Background (Please keep this semi-short): She comes from a manor in a robot driven city that's surrounded by a desert that humans control. Her kind and humans are supposedly at war, but she sits in blissful ignorance in her manor, with her servant Gedächtnis.


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Drossel von Flügel Empty Re: Drossel von Flügel

Post by LocheEric on Sun May 17, 2009 9:49 pm



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