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Post by Sokai on Sat Mar 07, 2009 6:00 pm

IRC Nickname: Sokai
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Ceil

Character Name: Ketae Vythir
Original Dimension: 'Eclipse'

Race: Half-elf
Age: 253
Sex: Female
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 195

Physical Description:
Ketae is a tall and rangy woman, appearing human except for her lengthened and pointed ears, midnight-blue hair and startling gold eyes. Her features are long and graceful - she'd look nearly regal if it wasn't for the sardonic grin or malicious mischief often displayed on her face. Scratched from between her breasts down to her naval is a deep, cruel scar, livid against her pale skin. It always appears just barely healed.

Powers and Special Abilities:
Most of Ketae's power stems from the symbiotic being co-inhabiting her body only known as 'The Other.' Ketae can manipulate The Other, forming various items from it. She usually forms a pair of clawed gauntlets, but she will occasionally use a shield, blade or other blunt item. Anything formed of The Other appears as solid darkness and is so cold to the touch that skin will stick to it. Using The Other she can also open teleportation portals, but traveling through these portals is lethal to anyone but herself, unless she is touching or being touched. Travel through these portals is still quite painful and uncomfortable for most things with a soul, even with her touch.

The Other devours magic, soaking energy into itself. Ketae can form The Other into a flexible field of darkness, usually expanding from her in a shell or bubble. Spells cast at this shell or intercepted by The Other will become null. If The Other eats a particularly powerful spell, it will go torpid and will withdraw into Ketae. The Other will remain inactive until it's refreshed, leaving Ketae without it's power.

The Other has other various powers and abilities that lay at its and Ketae's will.

Ketae has done little in her long life besides killing. She's a very skillful combatant, experienced and eager for violence.

Items and Gear:
Ketae wears a metal collar made for prisoners. Its controlling frequency is tuned to Ralf Derrison's personal comm device.


The Other has a mind of its own - it is not fully sentient at all times, but it has its own will and will exert it against Ketae's if her desires go against its. The Other can forcefully teleport Ketae, or form teleportation portals of its own. Ketae cannot form portals of her own that lead anywhere out of her line of sight. The Other can form further portals, but only when it wills. Any item formed from The Other cannot exist without a physical connection to Ketae.

The scar running from her breastbone to her naval is cursed, causing her various degrees of constant pain.

As of 04/25/09 this character has been removed from active BoG play.

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