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Post by MajorJim on Sun Apr 26, 2009 12:50 am

The Marshalship and the Void: an oral history of the Reven conflict and those who participated in it

Volume 1: Orders of Battle

Preface: Jim basically explains his reasons for writing this book, which is to gain a better understanding of the nature of the forces fighting for and against the Void, at present, and perhaps to give some insight to those presently engaged in this conflict.

Chapter 1 goes over the same backhistory that is in-channel available to players, as general backhistory.

Chapter 2 is called Soldiers: And gives the back-history of each player character Jim has interviewed. (Listing them all would take too long). THe backhistories are word for word transcriptions, edited only for length or importance to the book as a whole. Highlights may include Paixi's backhistory, and Evan's, for those who are curious, but anyone else curious about backhistories jim has learned about can PM me to simulate "reading" this.

Chapter 3 is called Battles, and lists every fight since Jim has become a member of the Blaze of Glory crew, in the words of his interviewees. It is here that Jim starts inserting editorial comments and analysis.

Chapter 4 is called Leaders and heroes, and examines in details the Leadership style of Ralf Derrison, what's been observed of Reven's, Paixi's, and Evan's command style. It also has a section on Revia's style of command, and Egret's style, comparing and contrasting them without any sort of value judgement, simply explaining the differences in the Blaze's command structure.

Chapter 5 is called Hope for the future, and in a departure from the previous, dry academic chapters, Jim's writing speaks with his voice, describing the events of Sion's saving firsthand, as well as the preparations for Eleste and Ziranthaz' wedding.

Notes: Aside from chapter 5 Jim never mentions himself in any way, and there is a seeming attempt to edit out any of his participation in the missions, simply referring to himself as "an element of the armored auxiliary." He doesn't acknowledge this in either the preface or the body of the book, however.

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