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Notice to All Security Personnel Empty Notice to All Security Personnel

Post by Exacerangutan on Wed Apr 29, 2009 1:14 am

This notice is in relation to a perceived need to clarify shipboard regulations. Most of these regulations can be found on any competently run spacegoing vessel, and those more stringent will be so marked. All security personnel are expected to uphold all of the following regulations, including the reporting and/or arrest as appropriate of any ship's passenger or crew member violating them. This document, is not written by a lawyer, is not to be considered complete, comprehensive, or final, and is intended only as a clarification and supplement for common sense; it will be amended and expanded upon as necessary, and security officers are expected to act responsibly and with initiative, when necessary. Direct any questions to the chief of security for clarification.

I. Damage to ship's property includes damage to all integral ship's systems (including internal walls and doors and other nonessential systems) as well as other hardware important for the ship's continued operation. This is a minor offense in itself, but is to be ceased immediately, and is arrestable for questioning as per the discretion of the responding officer; in the case of deliberate destruction, this is always an arrestable offense.

II. Unauthorized discharge of deadly weapons pertains to the discharge of potentially lethal weapons outside of authorized circumstances. Responsible use in designated weapons training areas such as the firing range, emergency defense of the ship against an present and immediate threat, and special authorization by a commanding officer are authorized circumstances; all others are presumed not to be. This is a serious offense, as irresponsible handling of can lead to serious injury or death of crew members, and is immediately arrestable with appropriate force; unauthorized discharge with malicious intent is grounds for security officers to treat the perpetrator as a present and immediate threat to personal and ship's security.

III. Resisting arrest will exacerbate any other charges already incurred, and is grounds for security officers to use appropriate force to follow through with an arrest. Violent resistance validates security officers to respond in defense of their personal safety and the ship's. Without exception, objections to arrest will be reviewed by the captain and chief of security only after the fact.

IV. Harassment of crew and passengers generally includes sexual harassment, threats, and other verbal, written, and implied communication or behavior which produces an intolerable social situation. Unintentional cases are often unavoidable in stressful situations, but recurring or deliberate incidents are to be ceased. Refusal to comply is grounds for confinement to quarters and mandatory counseling.

V. Restricted access areas are accessible only by senior ship's officers, or departmental officers. For example, the bridge is accessible only to bridge officers or senior officers, or with the express permission and accompaniment of an officer with bridge access. The brig is accessible only to security officers, senior officers, and those others permitted by officers with brig access. The restricted areas are the bridge, the brig, and engineering beyond the general mechanical fabrication department. Under security lockdown, the hangar becomes a restricted area as well. Attempts at unauthorized physical access to these areas, or attempts at unauthorized access to restricted data in the ship's computers is an immediately arrestable offense and in the latter case may carry larger consequences relating to CoRe treaties and breach of Marshalship security.

VI. Crew and passenger rights are to be read to anyone placed under arrest by ship's security officers. Crew and passengers are: (a)to be placed under arrest with only a minimum of force as appropriate to resistance and violence; (b) entitled to issue a formal complaint of unnecessarily brutal arrest; (c) entitled to issue formal complaint of unrightful arrest, to be reviewed by captain and chief of security; (d) entitled to release into Marshalship custody upon return to Gatekeeper, but while the ship is in field operations, will be held at the discretion of the captain and chief of security; (e) entitled to basic needs and medical care while under arrest, but access to any and all privileges are at the discretion of the chief of security.

--- Major Egret, B.o.G. Chief of Security


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