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Post by Dulkor on Fri May 01, 2009 7:46 pm

IRC Nickname: Dulkor

Character Name: The Amaranthine Transcriber
Original Dimension: "Forgotten."

Race: Unknown, presumably some variety of humanoid.
Age: Unknown
Sex: Presumed Female
Height: 7'8" in her armor
Weight: 198 lbs herself, over 500 with her standard outfit
Likes: Research, History, Meeting new people, sharing her studies with others, Gatekeeper, bourbon
Dislikes: Being alone, work that doesn't benefit society, ignorant assistants

Physical Description (Or picture):

The Amaranthine Transcriber appears to be an exceedingly tall woman, encased in a suit of bronze and iron armor. The armor itself whirs and ticks with clockwork components, and contains a fairly large backpack, which houses multiple containers of some sort. A series of rubber hoses connect these containers to various points on her armor. Over the metal, she wears a dark wine-colored robe, covering her from the shoulders down but leaving her armored arms exposed. Her face is an expressionless, featureless mask, polished to a shine with a small horizontal seam just below where the nose would be if it were visible and a pair of dark lensed eye-holes. The fingers of her gauntlets are long and thin, ending in fine points. An intricate pattern of various runes runs all along her armor. When she speaks, there's a slightly tinny distortion of amplification.

Powers and Special Abilities:

Rune Scriber - The Transcriber has spent a very, very long time studying the 'science' behind magical runes and how they operate. She is always seeking additional knowledge to increase her abilities in these areas. These runes gather mana and elemental energies of all sorts, storing their power until given proper commands to release and direct the power. Small runes can be made in a matter of minutes. Large runes can take hours or even days to finish.

Magi-Tek Engineer - The Transcriber has spent nearly as long working with machinery, and over the long years has combined her runic magic with various mechanical devices to great effect. The possible devices range all along the spectrum, from simple entertainment to military/industrial applications.

Frost Magic - The only actual 'spells' the Transcriber casts are all related to ice. Simple bolts and encasing mostly, though she can, on rare occassions, summon up fairly impressive blasts of ice-shard filled wind. She's grown out of practice in this area over the centuries, something she's very embarassed over.

Weapons and Gear:

Runic Inscription Tools - A large bag filled with everything from pencils, to dyes and inks, to small amounts of paint, to chisels and a miniturized arc-welder. If a surface is suitable for a permanent or semi-permanent rune, she likely has the materials on hand to create it with.

Powered Armor - Fueled and enhanced by the various runes carved into it, The Transcriber's armor acts both as a life support system and strength enhancer in addition to its obvious protective functions. In addition, she has concealed a small number of devices within to use in self-defense. Namely, retractable blades in the fingertips, a small electrical cannon in the right wrist, and small flash-bomb dispensers throughout. Unless she has very specially prepared an area within a magically active dimension in advance, she will rapidly cease to exist without it.


Reliance on her armor.

Requires magically active, or at least mana-fielded, areas to exist

Background (Please keep this semi-short):
An incredibly ancient woman, by her own claims, who was pulled through dimensions from her homeworld 'very long ago'. Over many years of traveling and experimentation, she eventually became displaced once more to arrive on an attractor-equipped Marshalship vessel. Thoroughly intrigued with the concept of controlled interstellar and interdimensional travel, she applied for a position within CoRe. She's spent the last few years creating various magitechnological devices for the organization, and is currently on Gatekeeper to assist in the development of weapons and defenses with such a foundation.

Reason for being on Gatekeeper: CoRe Magitek Engineer


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The Amaranthine Transcriber Empty Re: The Amaranthine Transcriber

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