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Post by Mower on Sun May 03, 2009 1:19 am

IRC Nickname: Mower
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Poland

Character Name: Rosalind Delgado

Race: Eidolonian
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Likes: Music, movies, video games, technology, punk culture, clothes, visiting new places.
Dislikes: Staying in one place, training and discipline, bitter foods, other people.

Physical Description (Or picture):

"Rose" Rosalind Delgado Punkgirl2

Powers and Special Abilities:

As an Oracle, Rose is able to perceive, communicate with and command the many spirits still left on this plane:

Whether she wants it or not, the spirits constantly inform Rose of:
-Intense thoughts from nearby people.
-Activity in the area around her.

By meditating/focusing, Rose is able to speak back to the apparitions, capable of asking them:
-Nearby peoples' thoughts and secrets.
-The purpose and potential secrets of held objects or her location.

In addition to these information-gathering techniques, Rose is capable of commanding the spirits for several rudimentary magical abilities:

Taught Abilities:
ΩMercury: A basic paralyzing technique, only affects biological targets.
ΩVenus: A basic sleep-inducing technique, only affects biological targets.
ΩMars: A basic rage-inducing technique, only affects biological targets.

Invented Abilities:
ΩVista: With physical contact, this technique induces glitches and crashes in machines. ...what, of course they happen because of ghosts.
ΩRequiem: Places Rose into a deep, trance-like state, with heartbeat, breathing and life functions halting. Her subconscious continues to receive information from the surrounding spirits, and can trigger her 'awakening.'

This is the extent of her spirit-magic for the time being; future abilities will be semi-story-related and approved (maybe even suggested) by Loche. If he isn't sick of me at that point. Sad

Weapons and Gear:
Marshal Cadet Jacket and Identification

Personality - Cynical and sarcastic, Rose may be a handful for her teammates, not always entirely cooperative.
Spiritual Reverb - When using spiritual magic against a highly-resistant target, or trying to probe a highly-guarded mind, the spirits used will suffer, screaming back at Rose and causing a massive migraine. Quite unpleasant.
Cost - Unlike most magic users, who only grow tired with extended casting, using spiritual magic will physically harm Rose - after repeated castings, she will receive small, skin-deep cuts, but further casting results in larger wounds. It is difficult to say to what extent this side-effect can reach.

Background (Please keep this semi-short):

Rosalind was born on the backwater planet of Eidolon, a small world known only for its abundance of medicinal herbs for trade, and its centuries-long line of oracles. The oracles were a great source of pride for the floundering culture. Even though every native Eidolonian could hear spirits to some degree, only the most apt and able were capable of becoming oracles.

The Delgado family was part of the local aristocracy, almost all of them incredibly able oracles, and Rose was regarded as so full of natural talent and potential that she was thought to be a future legend of the tradition.

Rose, however, was not so hopeful. The life of study and training bored her to tears, and she soon started to dress differently, act differently, and dislike the boring, old world that much more. At the age of 15, she snuck aboard a supply ship, the only one that visited, once a year, every year to trade herbs for supplies and luxuries. She was able to smuggle and hitch-hike her way to Gatekeeper, searching for new and exciting experiences. However, she soon found her fantasy cut off, as she had no income and no savings. Desperate to find work and continue seeing the Multiverse, she reluctantly enlisted in the Marshalship for work. Despite her questionable personality and behavior, she proved an apt student, and in addition because of her rather unique skillset, she successfully became a Marshal Cadet. She is now being sent to the Blaze of Glory, in order to have some fun, see some new places, and make some money.

"Oh, and I guess to make lives better, or something."


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"Rose" Rosalind Delgado Empty Re: "Rose" Rosalind Delgado

Post by LocheEric on Thu May 07, 2009 11:58 pm

Way approved.


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