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Cadet Andra Martin Empty Cadet Andra Martin

Post by Sokai on Sun May 03, 2009 3:38 am

IRC Nickname: Sokai
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Ceil

Character Name: "Andra Martin"
Race: Cyborg (Originally Human)
Age: N/A (22 at time of body-death)
Sex: Female (Replicated)
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 350lbs (Due to cybernetic parts)
Likes: N/A
Dislikes: N/A

Physical Description:

Cadet Andra Martin Moe21576sampleCadet Andra Martin Andra2

Powers and Special Abilities:

Andra is a cyborg. All of her internal workings are mechanized; very little of her body is flesh.

Superhuman Abilities: While Andra's body is modeled on a basic humanoid form, all of her muscle is synthflesh, crafted out of fibers of finely woven metal. This allows her physical responses to go far beyond a human's - she can jump higher, run faster, and is much stronger. Her reaction times are also swifter and more efficient than a human's, due to her mental upgrades and lowered response time between her brain and mechanized nervous system.

Advances Senses: Andra's brain's natural responses to the three of the five senses has been replaced with a computer system. This significantly increases her senses in the following manners:

Sight~ Andra can see in a wide variety of spectrums including low-light, infrared, and telescopic vision. Her eyes provide a far better resolution than average human eyes and Andra's eyes can produce light through LEDs in her irises.

Hearing~ Andra's hearing is provided by an acute sound sensor system. It can pick up sounds from far away and amplify them, as well as pinpoint their origin location. This system can also buffer and suppress overly loud sounds. She is still adjusting to this system, so her ICCU also functions as a sound control/dampening unit.

Scent~ Andra's olfactory receptors are also greatly upgraded - she can smell odors at concentrations nearly 100 million times lower than the average humans, on par with a canine's sense of smell. She can also identify unknown scents by comparing them to a mental database.

Taste~ Andra's tongue is one of the very few organic muscles (original) she retains and as such her sense of taste is not changed by her cyborganization.
Touch~ Andra's skin is one of the very few organic organs (cloned) she has and as such touch is the only one of her senses not changed by her cyborganization.

Brain Upgrade: Andra's brain was significantly damaged in the battle that destroyed her original body. It was reconstructed and reinforced using nanotech and with microchip upgrades containing combat programming and an interface system with her new body's cybernetic parts. Her upgraded brain allows her to process great amounts of information swiftly and decisively, as well as work complex mathematical equations and holds a wide array of information used in Marshalship operations. She must mentally access this information, as her brain-upgrade was not intended to supplant her natural thought processes. There is a single port behind her right ear to allow diagnostic technicians access to the microchips, however beyond this Andra CANNOT interface with other machinery without her custom designed ICCU, which functions as a removable gateway device. She is designed to be a stand-alone unit. Can be further upgraded.

Weapons and Gear:

Interface Charge and Control Unit (ICCU): Looking like a fancy pair of headphones, Andra wears an Interface Unit over her ears and across the crown of her head, plugged into the port behind her right ear. The ICCU controls/dampens her psychological/sensory input and physical responses as she slowly adjusts to her new body. It increases her limitations as she adjusts, allowing her to grow into her full potential. It also serves as a buffer between her body and the current she needs to charge it - through the unit she can 'plug into' her power sources for a charge. It also functions as a gateway device to allow her to interface with other devices, containing firewalls, virus/spybot protection software and other methods of protecting Andra from possible harm via networking. Among it's less important uses, the ICCU has an access port for Andra's educational gaming system.

Microcommlink: Also implanted into Andra's reinforced brain is a wireless commlink that directly transmits her broadcast thoughts to other comm devices. Using this Andra may 'speak' without producing vocal sounds, however she is still learning how to properly broadcast her thoughts and occasionally mis-transmits or transmits the wrong information.

Educational and Social Awareness Console (ESAC): The ESAC is a small hand-held gaming unit loaded with educational material designed to help Andra's stunted emotional growth. It comes preloaded with approved Marshalship and CoRe material, but other games and programs can easily be downloaded into it's data banks.


Brain Damage~ Andra has no recollection of her previous life due to brain trauma. This includes a great deal of how to socially interact and many of her emotional reactions have been greatly stunted, giving her something of a 'blank slate' personality. She is unaware of how to process or react to her emotions. This also affects her instinctive reactions to danger - Andra has very low adrenalin responses. Her brain's flow of chemicals is closely regulated by her cybernetic parts, and if disrupted, can prove to be severely damaging, if not fatal. Any training or knowledge Andra obtained before her body-death is completely forgotten and MAY never be remembered.

Hydrophobia~ Andra is very heavy and not buoyant in the least. She must don a special flotation suit for any activity in water.

Programmed Cadet~ Andra is generally untrained; her combat responses are purely programmed and lack any creativity or unique nature.

Runs on Batteries~ Andra's internals can and WILL run out of power - she must jack into a power-source via her ICCU to recharge herself. Her power is depleted in accordance to how much of it she discharges; combat will deplete her very quickly. If her systems are reaching a low power point, her body will lapse into 'power save mode,' which resembles humanoid coma.

Compassionate Cyborganization~ Andra was 'reborn' through cybernetics intended to attempt to make her as human as possible while reinforcing her body for battle. In many cases where better, less humanoid systems could have been implemented, Gatekeeper technicians instead used compassionate technology, such as organic skin instead of plasti-skin, nanite-upgraded blood instead of coolant/lubrication, and firmly making sure each of her senses function as a human's would or somewhat better. They also have given her the ICCU to help her slowly adjust and grow into her potential instead of plunging her fully into a non-human existence.

Background: Very little is known about the cyborg known as 'Andra Martin.' Her current name was not her original name, nor is her current body her original body. Gravely injured in a battle against the Void's forces, Andra's original body was too severely wounded to be saved. Her brain was transplanted into a cybernetic body made of both robotic and organic technology. She has recently been activated upon Gatekeeper as a ward of the Marshalship and a cadet.

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Cadet Andra Martin Empty Re: Cadet Andra Martin

Post by LocheEric on Thu May 07, 2009 11:57 pm

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