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Post by Azriel on Tue May 05, 2009 12:04 am

IRC Name: Azriel
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Azzy, Kanna

Character Name: Lady Sigmin (Her full name is Keilantra Opaline Sigmin XV, but she's never been addressed by her full name since the day she was born. Mostly, because of her position in her society and her own personal preference against her own name).
Original Dimension: Cennus (Original planet that is based mostly on fantasy/kingdom scenarios and advanced levels of magic/mana.)

Race: La'Karthian
Position: 15th La'Karthian Empress Knight on the throne in the Kingdom of La'Karthia.
Age: 28
Birthdate: January 21st - Month of Void (her calendar) - (Aquarius)
Sex: Female
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130 lbs. (without armor), 140 lbs. (with armor)
Likes: Sword fighting, swords, being called "Lady Sigmin", books, magic, helping others out, and pasta.
Dislikes: Her first name, the Desraks, people who try to purposely anger her, when her kingdom is threatened, and doesn't have a strong taste for fashion.

Physical Description: Lady Sigmin is portrayed as a high-class aristocrat with a very refined and dignified aura around herself. She's young and tall for her age, which only adds to the flattering remarks she receives from other individuals that admire her grace and skills. She comes to a height of exactly 5'8" from head to toe and has soft, pure, white skin with hardly any imperfections, except a few freckles here and there on her shoulders and back. She's never gotten a battle scar before in her service as a Knight.

She has long, blonde hair that reaches a little past her lower back, almost grazing her ass when her hair is fully let down. However, most of the time she will keep it into a ponytail, braid, or intricate bun to keep the strands from obscuring her vision during a battle and just on simple occasions. Sigmin has deep, dark blue eyes to compliment the highlight of her light-colored hair against her light-colored skin. Nevertheless, her black pupils are different from normal pupils and instead of a small orb that enlarges and decreases with the amount of light available, her pupils take the form of a wide, diamond shape. This is an easy way to tell the difference between a La'Karthian and the many other species that roam the planet, Cennus.

On her home world, Sigmin is very limited to only her armor that she wears as the Empress Knight, even when she's on the throne. It is believed in her culture that the armor she wears is much more symbolic than the standard, flashy gown and crown. Sigmin's armored dress is meant to represent the power that she holds within the La'Karthia Kingdom, the skills that she demonstrates as a Knight in service, the collected soul of a warrior, and the grace of a woman. Many of these themes are important concepts to La'Karthian women who try not to let the men do the work and many of them look up to Sigmin in respect and admiration for a position they could possibly never fulfill. "Sigmin" is actually an old name
from her language that means "protector" or "victorious hand".

So, modern clothing will be very new to her since she was never allowed to wear such things before. Also, because it was believed to demote her social status and degrade her dignity as someone so highly looked upon.

Sigmin's Armored Dress: *Only without the headpiece, because she likes wearing her hair in a ponytail or style.

Powers and Special Abilities:

-Sigmin is a fully-trained Empress Knight who exceeded the completion of her training in a time frame of merely just five years as opposed to her predecessors who took a total of fifth-teen years or more.
-She excels at using weaponry related to swords or spears, although she favors the blade much more than the pike. She uses a La'Karthian technique in her sword fighting known as the "Karthian Arc". This has taught her to wield a sword by two hands at times and uses the sword as a means of improving her own flexibility if need be.
-Sigmin is also capable of a limited range of advanced magica spells that can be used separately or combined with her weaponry (her sword for example). The following spells are as listed and described:

- Feurer is an area of effect fire spell that is cast on one target at first specifically and then stretched out farther to envelop two other targets near the primary one as well. The fire spell causes fire below the targets to spark and smolder, before igniting into bursts of flame jets that should completely cover the target in fire. It also has the effect of making it feel immensely hot around or near
that area too. This spell also takes the longest to cast too. (Advanced Karthian Magica)

- Friska is a single target ice spell, that summons the water droplets in the air to compress and freeze together to form five single ice spears/lances above the primary target's head and surround them. Once Sigmin said the order, the ice lances will move all at once to skewer the target and encase them into a block of ice, before shattering. This spell is the quickest to cast for Sigmin.
(Advanced Karthian Magica)

- Vauna is a multiple, area of effect wind spell that is much weaker in offensive powers than her other spells. It creates a large gust of wind that will spread out and suck up whatever is in its path, much like a tornado. Then, hurl them high up into the air and let them drop back down onto the ground. The damage depends how high the tornado has taken them before consequently letting them drop back down. The damage could range from very minimum to almost critical and is determined by luck itself. It's been known to cause nausea or dizziness. (Advanced Karthian Magica)

- Alluna is a single target light spell, that calls forth an orb of shining, brilliant light with a Holy effect sealed within the attack already to her open palm. From there, she'll designate a selected target and blast the attack at them. (Basic Karthian Magica)

- Guardios is a defensive skill much akin to a magical barrier of some sorts. It only covers her front side, however, and does nothing in the way to cover her backside if something decides to attack her from behind. It's a pretty strong barrier against magical attacks, but its weakness is only having her front
covered and not the back. (Intermediate Karthian Magica)

- Duran is an area of effect earth spell that covers multiple targets, at least up to three if close together. They have to be at least only 3 feet away from each other. It's one of her spells that falls into the neutral zone and has a balanced meter of offensive and defensive capabilities. Duran causes the ground to shake violently by stimulating tremors like an earthquake, before the ground ruptures and breaks apart underneath her targets. (Intermediate Karthian Magica)

- Emission is single target dark spell, that allows Sigmin to summon and coax whatever shadows are in the area toward her commanding hands and compress them into a tight, throbbing ball of black energy. Then, the orb will grow to envelope herself and the target into a pitch, black sphere of nothingness. Afterward, this leaves only the imagination to determine what goes on within that sphere before it dissipates into nothing and leaves Sigmin standing and her target dead. (Advanced Karthian Magica)

- Break is a simple, basic enchantment magic that allows Sigmin to dispel or counter whatever magical bonds, prisons, curses, or other enchantments that has been placed upon her.
(Basic Karthian Magica)

As a side note, if any of these spells are cast and then linked to her sword. They're offensive capabilities in magic decrease by two times from the power they had before. This is because of the transition of going from purely a magic state to a physical form as in the sword.

Weapons and Gear:

-Sigmin's Armored Dress.
-Sigmin's favored, one-handed (mostly), double-bladed sword that can also
function with two hands is called, "Kasha". Kasha looks to have a smoothly
polished, ruby hilt that seems at first slippery to grasp, but is actually rather easy to hold and decently heavy because of the double blades. The shining, black colored blades come to a triangle tip and produce a thin, but extremely sharp point and are inscribed down both sides with bright red runes in La'Karthian language and glow faintly when she's using it.
-She can use spears, but doesn't have any favorable ones and will probably make
due with whatever one she could find if her sword cannot be used.
-Her La'Karthian Magic.


-Sigmin expends more energy when she casts magic and can become much more vulnerable to physical and other magical attacks if she starts getting tired. Ironically, she produces a greater strain using magic than using her sword physically.
-Her armor isn't exactly 100% invincible and can be penetrated if the offensive attack hits hard enough or she gets hit in a series of hits in the same spot. Also, her front and back are only covered by some armor slightly so she's susceptible to hits on her front and back legs easily through the cloth.

Background: Lady Sigmin was born on January 21st in the Month of Void and her true name by birth right is Keilantra Opaline Sigmin. The Month of Void was a name given by some ancient scholars from her people that made the La'Karthian calendar they still use in the La'Karthia Kingdom today. The Month of Void was the only time of the 13 month year that there was more nights than days where darkness pretty much ruled out sunlight. She was the daughter of the former Empress Knight, Janthine Opaline Sigmin and the Emperor Knight, Zahir Shah Sigmin. In her culture, it was believed that the woman took complete rule on the throne rather than the man. Despite the ruler being a dominating female role, La'Karthians still held equal beliefs and values on both sexes and didn't rule out one or the other. The women were seen to be the authoritative, dominating, and powerful type while the men were cast as the submissive, defending, and supporting type.

In ancient times, there only used to be a sole, female ruler. But soon, times changed in order to carry on the noble bloodline and thus, an Emperor Knight was decreed and formed. At first, they were merely seen as a means of producing future offspring and rulers, but as times changed and beliefs differed, some of the Empress Knights would actually fall in love or have emotional ties to their Emperor Knights. This was the start of the belief of equality for the culture of La'Karthians. Now, men were looked upon as bringers of new generations and good changes and given just as much appreciation and awe as the women who
ruled them. The Sigmins are a noble bloodline that have carried on through 15 generations including the birth of Keilantra Opaline Sigmin. Lady Sigmin took the middle name of her mother and the last name of her father with the first name that both decided for her when she was born. Her full name was only used
once in her lifetime and that was the time when she was born. After she was born, her title changed to "Lady Sigmin" since her mother was approached as Empress Janthine and her father as Emperor Zahir. Usually, the title of "Lady" is passed over once the offspring of an Empress and Emperor Knight becomes of age to be given the throne or the parents have passed away.

Ironically, Sigmin has taken a liking to her "Lady" title and has stuck with it ever since though she will still be addressed as Empress Keilantra when assuming extensive royal duties. However, by her own men and colleagues, she is usually just referred to as "Lady Sigmin" and isn't particularly fond of using her first name to begin with due to past, personal issues. In present times, she is the 15th Empress Knight to rule and of course, she is ruling in a time of anxiety and stress. A strange, nearby country called the Kingdom of Desrak, has suddenly built and risen up without much knowledge or warning and is constantly stationing troops near the borders of her own Kingdom of La'Karthia. This new threat to her people and lands has caused an overwhelming fear with the citizens and stress with Lady Sigmin. However, the new threats don't seem particularly choosy and persistent in burning down structures, or injuring townspeople. Instead, they seem dead set on capturing Lady Sigmin for whatever purpose and send disgusting, odd beings called Stalkers after Lady Sigmin whenever she is by herself or in an open area. The Stalkers resemble translucent shadows with white, blank, masked faces on the head area and attack by either suffocating, constricting, grabbing, putting to sleep, or even use darker magic to violently crush, slam, pound, kick, stab, and smash her to submission. Usually, these sentient beings target Lady Sigmin primarily, but if they are provoked by others during their mission, they will not hesitate to fight back. A couple months later after a few attacks already, a representative from Gatekeeper came during her time of distress and suggested an option that had never occurred to her before. If the Lady were to help with their current crisis and dealing with Reven, they would help her evacuate from Cennus safely with a decoy in Lady Sigmin's place for the time-being while she is gone until the rest of the issues can be resolved. The Lady agreed to this decision and thus, set out at once to be taken to Gatekeeper for protection in exchange for her service as the Knight she is.

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