#DimensionJumpersRPG 1 Year Anniversary!

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#DimensionJumpersRPG 1 Year Anniversary! Empty #DimensionJumpersRPG 1 Year Anniversary!

Post by Sokai on Sat Mar 07, 2009 6:23 pm

March 19th marks the one year anniversary of the reopening of #DimensionJumpersRPG! Eric and I want to thank you all for being such great players and keeping the channel active even through massive real life assaults on GMs.

In recognition of the 1 year anniversary, you all get shiny new forums! These should work far better than the old crappy informe site, including a calendar features for mission notifications, expanded customization, and a registration and login process that hopefully..you know...actually functions. All of the important channel basis threads have been ported over from the old forums, as well as stuff like the Happy Fun Fact Thread (now Current Character Happenings) and the Music thread. These are now all empty, so please feel free to port in old content or fill them with new. This goes for any old thread not already on the new forums and everything from the story boards.

There are only two things besides enjoying the new forums that we ask of all of you. The first is to please repost your character sheets from the old boards onto these new ones. Please only bring over sheets for characters you're currently playing. If you've dropped a character or it wasn't approved, there's no reason to repost the sheet. Make sure to place Gatekeeper-only characters on the new Gatekeeper Characters sub-forum.

Each sheet should have its own thread, named after the character. Moving onward, we'd like to set a one thread, one character application rule. Please don't make a master thread for your character sheets.

The second is that we'd like for everyone to please take their time in rereading and re-familiarizing themselves with the Required Reading threads. Some new threads have been marked as Required, and the existing threads have been updated or reworded. It's always a good idea to refresh oneself on the very basis of the channel, and some of the new information maybe prove very useful to RP and storytelling.

Once again, thank you all, because DJRPG wouldn't be around for this long if it wasn't for you guys!

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