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Post by LocheEric on Sat Mar 07, 2009 9:58 pm

IRC Nickname: Loche
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Jin

Character Name: Ralf Derrison
Original Dimension: SaGa Frontier

Race: Human
Age: 29
Sex: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 260 lbs
Likes: Engineering, mech piloting, punching things, bacon pizza, going fast, (secretly) swords.
Dislikes: A lack of details, vegetables.

Physical Description (Or picture): Ralf has dark brown spiky hair and deep blue eyes - while tall, probably the most defining feature on his person is his muscular figure. He's BUILT, in all the right places, and he takes care of himself in that regard. He's usually wearing his Marshalship captain's jacket, with his custom made utility belt.

Powers and Special Abilities: Having destroyed the Gift of Dimensional Time Magic, Ralf Derrison is left only with the abilities he possessed more than seven years ago. While not nearly as mind-bogglingly powerful, he's still a capable Marshal.

Ralf is a fully trained Interdimensional Marshal; his marksmanship and familiarity with ranged weapons is remarkable, and his hand to hand fighting style is unique, even among the Marshalship.

Ralf also possesses an intuitive understanding of logic, mechanics and engineering, a near-genius in maintenance and construction. His mind is analytical and precise enough to be able to program torrents of code without the need of a monitor, relying on his memory and a simple keyboard to do most of the work.

Ralf possesses the Gifts of Light and Rune Magic, and is a potent mage on his own.

Even though he doesn't have the Gift of Dimensional Time Magic anymore, he still possesses an incredibly thorough understanding of time and temporal fluctuations.

Weapons and Gear: Ralf is never without equipment if he can help it, his utility belt sporting a wide range of mechanical tools, switched out regularly. He also carries several food capsules with him, in the event that he's stranded somewhere and left to fend for himself with his metabolism on overdrive.

Most prominent on that belt are a pair of well-crafted gauntlets, seemingly as thin and flexible as plastic save for a firmness on the knuckles and backhand, made to Ralf's specifications by his mentor - blades can spring from the knuckle area, cortosis ore having been woven into it and the backhand to resist and deflect energy attacks easily. They completely cover his hands.

Ralf now carries Done, a .454 Casull heavy-bore revolver given to him by Felix Hemmingway. It's part of a set with Said, held by Sokai Hemmingway. It's a five-shot gun that is usually in a shoulder holster under his Marshal's jacket.

A gift from Genevieve - a pin shaped like a frog emblem - also now lets Ralf magically wear a Frog Suit whenever he wishes, granting him extra jumping height and incredible swimming powers in the long as he doesn't get hit!

Weaknesses: Ralf is a diabetic - while he doesn't require insulin as routinely as most, his diet does require a bit of workarounds, and he can be prone to breaking out into a cold sweat randomly.

Sadly, as much as he likes them, any attempt to train Ralf to use a sword will result in complete embarrassment, a la .


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