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Post by Erilahl on Sat May 16, 2009 1:21 pm

IRC Nickname:Eril

Character Name: Andrea Johanson
Original Dimension: City of Heroes

Race: Mutated Human
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 189 lbs including her wings
Likes: Doing the right thing, fishing, moments to relax.
Dislikes: Being mocked for her mutations, unrepentant criminals, muggy days.

Physical Description (Or picture):
Andrea Johanson Andrea

Powers and Special Abilities:

Fire Control: Andrea can control and create flame, using it to attack or immobilize enemies, leaving them wrapped in a cage of fire or choking in a dense cloud of smoke. With enough concentration she can launch explosive fireballs or even create semi-sentient fire creations to attack her enemies, though these things are much more draining and she prefers to use her methods of disabling.

Energy Control: Andrea can also siphon and share energy, sapping the speed and strength of her enemies or granting it to her allies. This energy can even heal wounds, though it requires a target to drain from and it only accelerates a body's natural healing. It won't grow back a lost limb or anything nearly that bad.

Flight: Andrea can fly with her wings.

Weapons and Gear:

Weaknesses: Andrea cannot sustain her powers indefinitely. While she can go a long time if she paces herself, trying to do a lot of things once will leave her without the stamina to do much of anything unless she can find the strenght to use an energy siphon on something. Andrea's wings are strong but sensitive, and pulling on her feathers or twisting a wing will leave her writhing in pain.

Background (Please keep this semi-short): A mutant from a world where superheroes and villains are common, Andrea Johanson volunteered for an exchage mission to aid the CoRe after one of her homeworld's portal-hopping expeditions met with a Marshalship scout party. She gladly set aside her costume and codename for a chance to work with other worlds and peoples.

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Post by Erilahl on Sat May 16, 2009 1:22 pm


Fire Control:

Fire Cages: Andrea can encase things in cages of flame, preventing them from moving or taking action unless they pass through the flame.

Smoke: Creates a dense, localized cloud of smoke, blinding and reducing the accuracy of those inside it.

Hot Feet: Andrea heats the ground around her to nearly the burning point, making it painful to stand on or move across.

Flashfire: A quick burst of hot, bright flame, designed to disorient anyone near it with heat, burns, and visual stimulation.

Cinders: Andrea fills the air in a radius around her with burning, swirling cinders, burning and choking her enemies.

Bonfire: Andrea can create normal fires, from small to large size.

Fireball: And explosive sphere of fire launched at a target, on impact it explodes, burning those nearby.

Fire Imps: Focusing her will, Andrea can create small contructs of fire that engage her foes in burning melee.

Energy control:

Transfusion: This saps the strength of a target, radiating their body's power outward from them. Other beings hit by this radiation have minor wounds heal as their body absorbs the energy.

Siphon Power: Drawing the energy from one target, Andrea leaves them weak for a bit while increasing the strength of herself and those around her.

Siphon Speed: Andrea weakens the muscles and power of a target, adding it to her own and granting her great speed for about a minute while leaving her enemy slow and exhausted.

Speed Boost: Andrea increases the speed and resilience of a target, allowing them to move with superhuman speed and keeping them from getting tired. She cannot do this to herself.

Inertial Reduction: Grants herself and those around her the ability to leap great distances safely and accurately. Combined with a Speed Boost, Andrea can give her friends and teammates great mobility.

Transference: Similar to Transfusion, this ability instead makes the target tired and less able to act, while leaving other struck by the energy wide awake and energized.

Fulcrum Shift: Andrea's most powerful ability, as well as one that's personally very draining. She pulls the strength from all nearby foes, leaving their strikes weak as she channels great bursts of energy into her allies, allowing them to attack with great force.

Note: None of these energy manipulations last long before natural balance reasserts itself, most being in effect for about two minutes, with the exception of Transfusion and Transference which are instant effects.

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Post by LocheEric on Sat May 16, 2009 10:03 pm



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