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Post by Nyx on Mon May 18, 2009 1:08 pm

IRC Nickname: Moonset
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Lyirkins, Set

Character Name: Nyx
Original Dimension: Same as Talia's.

Race: First Soul
Age: Several centuries.
Sex: Female.
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 140 lbs
Likes: Observing human interaction, new experiences, free will, riddles.
Dislikes: Water, lack of freedom.

Physical Description (Or picture):
(Without the tattoos.)
Nyx Eliza00061

Tall and rather slender, skin as sickly pale as moonlight. Her hair is black with violet undertones, iridescent as a raven's feathers in the right lighting, and is cut short, just barely grazing her jaw. Generally favors a Victorian style, often seen in a top hat and perfectly tailored purple and black pinstriped suit, the jacket open and a dark violet corset beneath. The cuffs of all of her jackets are adorned with skull cufflinks and she tends to favor lace trim. Nearly all of her shoes are laced-up high heeled boots that must be an utter nightmare to put on, let alone walk in. Jewelry is ever-present in the forms of various rings and necklaces, and though both ears are thoroughly pierced, only one or the other ever contains earrings, never both at the same time. Wears various masquerade masks, most of them having birdlike qualities such as a curved nose, suggesting a beak, or edged in feathers. Her voice is often soft and raspy, remniscent of matches being struck. Pale yellow eyes take in everything with an amused interest.

Rarely ever seen without her scythe, generally using it as more of a walking stick.

Nearly always has a large raven perched on her shoulder, which she refers to as 'Ka.'

Powers and Special Abilities:
Immortal and regenerates, albeit slowly, from wounds taken. Wounds such as a lost limb require at least a day; regeneration from complete incapacitation requires a week or more.

Remembers everything that occurs to her.

Somewhat prophetic and usually able to tell the nature of most people's intentions, though this is all cloaked by madness, so it is difficult to discern when she's dispensing pearls of wisdom and when she's just babbling nonsense.

Illusion magic, usually used in self-defense. For example, she can show her tainted First Soul form, a terrifying figure that changes depending on the target's perception, though it always has matted, bloodied feathers for hair and rotting joints; tends to resemble a broken doll.

Able to rip open portals using her scythe to travel, both in the material realm and to the realm of the dead.

Able to speak with the dead.

Able to guide the deceased safely into the realm of the dead.

Weapons and Gear:
A traditional scythe with an ebony handle, carved with runes. The blade is black as well, though upon closer inspection it's permanently soiled with blood. Ritual use only.

Utterly insane from centuries of attempting to find the balance in all things, experiencing and witnessing countless hardships, and suffering through various wounds and 'deaths,' along with expulsion from the grace of the Gatekeeper.

Gatekeeper's Curse:
Incapable of taking a life.

Incapable of giving or restoring a life, including childbirth.

Directly harming another, even if forced or in self-defense, causes an extreme revulsion within her, enough to incapacitate her for up to a week, depending on the severity of the harm inflicted.

Remembers everything. No gruesome memory can ever be forgotten.

Unable to linger in the realm of the dead; may only enter to guide a soul.

Ka, though he is also her ally, monitors her activities, and she is only entitled to brief respites from him.

The Gatekeeper, God of life and death, is served by spirits that guide the souls of the dead back to his realm, then lead the purified new souls to their bodies. They are divided into two castes, the 'Handmaidens' and the 'First Souls.' The five First Souls were meant to guide their lesser sisters in their tasks, and thus were given sparks of the sentience granted to all mortal life. Knowing that such sentience could potentially be corrupted, the Gatekeeper ensured that all further Handmaidens were crafted from the shadow between worlds alone, able to pass from realm to realm and possessing many of the same powers as the First Souls, but substantially weaker and only able to follow their purpose and directions. Under the tutelege of the First Souls, they would maintain the balance. However, some legends say that there were originally six First Souls. This First Soul commited some act that resulted in her violating the balance. However, it was a result of her intellect and judgement, not corruption or a will to power. As such, the Gatekeeper could not bring himself to destroy his creation.

Since that incident, she has been cast down, cursed to wander the mortal realm in search of the undeniable link between the work of the gods and the free will of mortals; the ultimate proof of balance. She is cursed to never again take or create a life, to be nothing more than an observer and guide to lost souls, until she has redeemed herself in the eyes of the Gatekeeper.

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