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Post by Tony on Wed May 20, 2009 2:01 am

IRC Nickname: Rufus
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Owen/Tony

Character Name: Zaeria Ceres
Original Dimension: Original


Race: Human
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 135 lbs
Likes: Safety, security, introversion, her own little world and imagination.
Dislikes: The public eye, being seen through or exposed, or having her fantasies shattered.

Physical Description (Or picture):

Marshal Cadet Zaeria Ceres The_girl_with_the_rose_by_Zindy

Powers and Special Abilities:

Shapeshifting: Zaeria has a natural ability to morph her body into various ... unusual ways. Discovered and initially devevloped as a 'self-defense mechanism' in her mind, Zaeria used this to avoid being herself, a person she found terrible flaws in. She has the ability to change and restructure any part of her body to any gender and body proportions to reasonable levels (she is unable to change to Hulk- or Gary Coleman-size), and can morph it even into the appearance of clothes and accessories. This allows her to change her voice at will as well, allowing her to mimic tone and pitch.

The limitations are, naturally, that if she is to impersonate someone she must use her own knowledge to impersonate that person; it is not inherant to any of her forms. She is also unable to perform any actions that she is not personally able to perform (i.e.: she cannot suddenly use martial arts or know how to use a sniper rifle), and she is not able to impersonate any other supernatural powers that she doesn't exhibit herself.

Mimicry: That said, Zaeria has very well-developed talents in mimicry, honed by the CoRe and the Marshalship. She is able to study a person's mannerisms down to the finest details and is able to memorize and exhibit behavior closely similar to a person after only the slightest bit of interaction or observation.

Contortionist: With her natural abilities at an early age, in addition to the ability to shape her body how she sees fit, she is also able to bend and manipulate it into very unique and ... unnatural ways, including ways that would normally break or even sever other people's bones or physical composition. That is not to say that she is Mister Fantastic, but she can easily bend backwards and pin herears between her kneecaps and hold one leg straight up towards the ceiling while the other supports her on the ground, with her knee against her head and her leg straight.

Tactical Espionage Action: Zaeria, as trained in the marshalship, is an expert when it comes to espionage activities, including but not limited to surveillance, intrusion, counterespionage, countersurveillance, and other related things. As such, her knowledge in many fields is quite expansive due to her necessity to know and report intelligence properly. While she has studied a broad range of things, she has no real speciality when it comes to knowledge of any kind. She knows a little about a lot of things, but a lot about very few things.

Close-Quarters Combat: Zaeria has a modest amount of training in military-style close-quarters combat as instructed by the Marshalship, as well as her personal tutor, Visyet Ruhiim. While most CQC revolves around using an opponent's momentum against them, however, Zaeria's is slightly different and personalized, tailored to her own physique and style of fighting. Where others would utilize judo flips and over-the-shoulder throws, Zaeria simply displaces herself around an opponent to gain an edge around them, using her unusual agility and ability to change her body and its positioning to her advantage. This manifests itself in many flashy, over-the-top acrobatic maneuvers, but they are no less effective than standard trained CQC maneuvers.

In addition to standard CQC, she has recieved personal tutelage in Visyet Ruhiim on three styles of martial arts that he has learned over the years.

Shadow Hand - an ancient 'tainted' technique set, this style of martial arts utilize deception and trickery to expose a target's weaknesses, whether they be physical, mental, or emotional. This style is often used by assassins, and is usually carried out with Zaeria's personally chosen weapon, a set of Stiletto, razor-edged knives, though she is fully capable of utilizing it unarmed or with her Marshalship-issued Lawgiver.

Desert Wind - a far more open style of combat, this is used when the upper hand is rather unavailable in a close-combat situation. Focused on movement and evasion, this is by far Zaeria's most 'flashy' movement set, utilizing her full acrobatic and contortionist abilities to outmaneuver an enemy.

Setting Sun - An amplification of the Marshalship's instructed C.Q.C. maneuvers, this martial set focuses on the same maneuvers made more effective based on the person's own body rather than that of the enemy. Redirecting movement using maneuvers, as well as disarmament and center-of-gravity displacement make this Zaeria's chosen moveset when it is more prudent to subdue or entrap an enemy rather than incapacitate.

Weapons and Gear:

3x Stiletto Knife
1x Marshalship-issue Lawgiver Mark 2
3x navy blue Marshal Cadet jackets (danananaaaaaa)
Various other clothes
Espionage kits, including...
-- Communicator/datapad taps
-- Bug sensors
-- Video feed sensors
-- Hidden recording devices (pen cameras, lighter cameras, lapel microphones, watch cameras)
-- Computer/Datapad Snoopers
-- Audio Enhancers (Laser Microphones)
-- Modified Communicator Receivers (Able to pick up and tap wireless communication within a set area, such as cell phones/radios/similar)
-- Acoustic Jammers
-- Cellular Jammers
-- Lockpicking (Mechanical, electronic, biometric [glass 'eyes', rubber/latex fingerprint molds])
-- Adapters (system adapters that allow direct connections into terminals/operating systems)
-- External digital storage (flash drives, miniature hard disks, etc)


Despite her extensive training and conditioning in the Marshalship, Zaeria is still very, very reserved and quiet. While she is not outwardly shy (she will not lock herself in her room, nor ignore people when they talk to her), she will typically not engage in much social interaction. In addition to this, when put under high-stress situations, she has a tendency to falter in her concentration and shifting abilities, causing her form to change or alter itself in obvious or strange ways.

Zaeria has not been put in a situation where she is required to kill another sentient creature in an "up close and personal" fashion, per her chosen speciality.

Zaeria is not overly physical strong; in direct engagement, she is easily overpowered by a person larger than her. She relies directly on her ability to move and contort her body in order to avoid such situations, but in a pure contest of strength, Zaeria will almost assuredly lose to someone bigger than her.


Born on a world spared by the ravages of the Magistrate, Zaeria developed her unusual ability to manipulate her body by trying to aoid being herself at school, to avoid the mocking and ridicule. She would start off simple -- change her hair or eye color, make herself taller, able to fit into different styles of clothing, or simply shifting her features to avoid skin blemishes and adolescent acne. As a teenager, she learned how to impersonate others or completely original people, which gave flourish to the imagination that she had grown reading books an listening to stories. An integral part of her personality, Zaeria's grasp on fantasy sometimes has an adverse effect on her reality. It was due to this that Zaeria began amateur acting for the drama performers in her school, where she was lauded as the most talented due to her ability to ... literally get into character.

However, it was in high school that she was discovered imitating peace officers to prevent the few friends she did have from getting into trouble for their misdemeanors and minor violations. The Marshalship approached her, offering her a future where she would stay out of sight, unrecognizable, and above all able to express herself and create all new fantasies as much as she could, but also advance the cause of the Marshalship. Accepting their offer, Zaeria was plunged at the age of 17 into the shadow world of espionage and undercover investigation, where her talents and skills were honed and expanded on to include acts of treason, anonymity, and deceit -- very dramatic concepts that allowed Zaeria to cling to her duties. After all -- all the world is a stage, and all of us merely players.

After her years of learning and fine-tuning her abilities and talents, Zaeria is coming close to her 'graduation', and has been moved to the status of Active Duty in the Marshalship, where she awaits her first "internship" in order to prove her learning and capabilities in the field.

Update (3/22/2010)
After her first set of time upon the Blaze of Glory, where she participated in only a spare few actual engagements -- one being the Seige of Seron -- Zaeria was returned to Gatekeeper in order to complete more of her course studies to round out her education. After studying and refreshing herself over several months absent from assignment, she has once again requested placement on the Blaze of Glory, a slightly better prepared and far more confident student now with experience and confident preparation under her belt.

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