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Post by Nyx on Fri May 22, 2009 12:16 pm

IRC Nickname: Moonset
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Lyirkins, Set

Character Name: Ka
Original Dimension: Same as Talia's + Nyx's.

Race: Jailer. (Humanoid Spiritual Entity)
Age: Several centuries, but younger than Nyx.
Sex: Male.
Height: 6'11"
Weight: 296 lbs
Likes: Alcohol, periods of quiet solitude, hunting, water, free will, rational thought, raw meat, the ladies (who are not Nyx).
Dislikes: Nyx, cats, crowds, lack of free will, babysitting, inaction.

Physical Description (Or picture):
The Ka Pbucket

((Yes, it's a picture of The Rock. SO SUE ME. It's perfect. >.>))

A tall, imposing mountain of a man. His skin is dark, his features somewhat angular, particularly his nose, which is a bit hooked, echoing the beak of his raven form. He's muscled, built for combat. Perhaps the fact that he never sees any contributes to the foreboding scowl that he constantly wears. His black hair is iridescent, looking a bit like Nyx's, other than his has a reddish undertone rather than a violet one. His eyes are jet black. Tribal tattoos remniscent of thorns and chains twist up his wrists all the way to his shoulders. A keyring with an assortment of both bizarre and average-looking keys hangs from his belt loop and they jingle with every step he takes. His torso is bare, a single leather bracer adorning his right arm. His leggings are made of hides. May be seen wearing the pelt of a wild animal draped around his shoulders from time to time.

His voice is an accented growl.

Powers and Special Abilities:
Cannot be permanently killed, but takes damage as a normal person would, and can die. Rising from death takes a long period of time, however -- usually around a week. Capable of regenerating from damage/lost limbs but the regeneration is slow enough that it has no effect in combat.

Unnerving Gaze - Fixates his gaze on the opponent, his face twisting into a dead loved one or something equally disturbing to the target. Can be resisted with sufficient willpower. Weakens and leaves the target shaken up.

Raven Form - most often seen as a massive raven. Completely normal raven save for a telepathic link with Nyx.

Understands a wide variety of languages.

Can fight with his fists or knife, though he has no training, relying on brute strength and his own cunning.

Weapons and Gear:
Hunting Knife.

Compelled to follow and watch over Nyx, yet is unable to defend her should her "life" be threatened.

His free will is only minimal.

No formal combat training.

Created by the Gatekeeper to act as Nyx's jailer so long as she wanders the mortal realm. Centuries of his duty have left him a little on edge, though of the two, he is the rational one. A gruff exterior belies a surprisingly thoughtful man.

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The Ka Empty Re: The Ka

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