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Research Lab Redux - Note sent  to crew Empty Research Lab Redux - Note sent to crew

Post by Crono on Tue May 26, 2009 4:35 pm

"In an effort to draw further collaboration amongst the many minds aboard the Blaze of Glory, I've taken the duty of revamping the science division's research lab into something I hope will prove useful. I've noticed the space was rather abandoned when I came aboard, so the main lab has been outfitted to accommodate a much wider variety of projects then prior as I've taken to cleaning out each of the smaller offices in turn to give each interested party their own private workspace. Proper division or not, if you feel you can make good use of the space or require a more secluded area, feel free to contact me and I'll see to accommodations.
-Crono Arinborn"

The research lab, just off-shot from the main hangar, has seen sparse use for some time. Those who enter now will notice the rather distinct changes present. What was once a rather open, large common room has been well-fitted with various lab stations in each corner for testing in respective fields. Most notably, the far wall from the main entrance has been fitted with a convenient replicator unit (where as the closest prior was further off in engineering), a well-stocked chemistry station, and a 10x10 foot section of a corner that is a fully function simulation unit (for construction of physical theory when there is no need for heavy interaction, mostly as a fancy display!).

Research Lab Redux - Note sent  to crew Researchlab

The second half of the room basically looks like above (no, no car), the center of the room holding a turn-table for large subjects with an overhead walk-way for convenient exposure. There's no tunnel in the back, instead replaced by a large revolving doorway meant for transport in and out of engineering prime. This area is not replacement for engineering (can't even hold some of the full-scale units in engineering) but meant for newly developing pieces or alterations when a detailed or private setting is required (the monitors on the far wall all show customizable read-outs of the unit in question on the turn-table). The area is also fitted with basic projectors and recorders for documenting and presentation work.

Along one wall are the doorways to individual areas designated as personal offices or laboratories. Many of these are unoccupied and awaiting use as per Crono's invitation above (even if not -specifically- a science officer), though currently five are occupied by Crono, Leon, Gordon, Yves, and one set up as a lecture room (used prior for a CS lesson given to a couple crew members).

Everything, essentially, links to the main common lab in one form or another (and has been kept this way presumably to try and encourage people working together), but at the same time is not open to everyone. Often times the area holds sensitive materials, a fragile or censored work, or other such things, so the main entrance -does- require a clearance code. However, while any authorized personal is shown as present within the central area or their own office, this clearance entry is shut off and free-roaming is allowed. Users with access by default are anyone in command, security, science, or engineering, and a few special exceptions. Individual offices only allow their user-specific entry code (or the access codes of department Chiefs of Security, Science, and Engineering to ensure nothing hazardous is occurring at their discretion).

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