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On another note of change... Empty On another note of change...

Post by Cho on Thu May 28, 2009 11:50 pm

Those of you who frequent the Biometrics for relaxing and other activities, it's weather system has now been upgraded to include rainclouds and will rain. Since it only has the main reservoir lake to draw on, such rain will usually only be light in nature and not last long, just enough to have a sprinkler effect on the agriculture.
Projections indicate that rainfall will roughly occure on a weekly basis, depending on how precipitation gathers and how it gathers in the limited airspace.

This will freshen up the air in biometrics and therefore, the ship. For those who do not wish to carry an umbrella, the shrine has been waterproofed and the awning extended so that it can be used as shelter. Adding seats remains to be seen.

You may leave me feedback on this, and whether other ascetic improvements would be appreciated at the usual address.

- MK, Chief Ship Mechanic.


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