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Post by stellar-jay on Sun May 31, 2009 5:23 pm

First, a thanks to Seiya, Visyet, and Eleste for the reconnaissance information.

I roughly estimate the total void forces to be +11,000 compared to our 300.

6000 are Zerg, and they are steadily multiplying.
800 are human.
4200 Droid or Mechanical forces.

There also appear to be Fighter Jets, patrolling the skies, piloted by humanoids. Photographs attached:

So far we have discovered at least 3 Stationary Jamming Stations. There is also a high chance that a Satellite is involved in Jamming. At this juncture, I recommend of focus be diverted elsewhere.

The Enemy HQ appears to be broken up into two distinct areas. The Agamemnon, which appears to be in as poor of a state as the Blaze of Glory, and an Ice Cave [Coordinates listed] Currently, the Enemy has taken and Advance Guard Position, leaving their main HQ in the far rear.

The enemy's perimeter has a single blind spot, facing 180 degrees opposite their direct line of sight. I a complete planetary traversal should theoretically be able to deliver a strike force to enemy's back door undetected. In this strategy, we would bypass enemy forces, and deliver a finishing blow to either the Agamemnon or the Ice Cave H.Q. Theoretically, 2 strike teams could be sent to deliver blows to both the cave and Agamemnon, a third group staying behind to defend The Grey Keep. This strategy is extremely risky, but would have the best payoff. I recommend the Agamemnon be the primary target.


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