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Post by Nyx on Thu Jun 11, 2009 3:19 pm

IRC Nickname: Moonset
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Set, Kay-Away

Character Name: Evangelique La Croix; goes by Angelique.
Original Dimension: 1920's era Earth, based around the game Shadow Hearts; original character.

Race: Human.
Age: 21.
Sex: Female.
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 153lbs
Likes: Guns, candlelit dinners, practical people, occult dealings, being able to afford the small luxuries such as soft toilet paper.
Dislikes: Demons, sexist discrimination, things she likes that she can't afford (most things), her accent.

Physical Description (Or picture):
Angelique La Croix Pbucket
Angelique La Croix Pbucket
Only not dressed that revealingly!!
Slightly taller than average and rather muscular, one might imagine her to be a tennis player who's slightly out of practice at first glance. Despite that, she has a fair amount of curves, which, being a smart girl, she uses to her advantage. Her honey-blonde hair is down to her thighs when unbound, though it is most always tied up in a single braid. Intense chartreuse eyes look almost otherworldly. She's never seen without a cowboy hat and generally wears a trench coat over her other clothing. She dresses modestly, favoring styles of her era. Her guns are worn in plain sight. A velvet bag is on her person at all times, and within are strange, heavy coins laced with ancient sigils. One of these coins is suspended on a leather strap around her neck.

Powers and Special Abilities:
Uncanny Luck: She's just lucky, getting out of scrapes and finding opportunities that have nothing to do with skill.

Fortune's Favor: Angelique tosses one of her enchanted coins into the air and shoots it. The coin is destroyed, but her target is guaranteed to be hit. Rarely uses this move, as it destroys her coins, and it is costly and draining to produce them.

Aim + Precision: Quite accurate with long-ranged weapons, and possesses a steady hand and sharp eyes.

Tricky Shots: Excels in making difficult shots that rely on both luck and skill.

Weapons and Gear:
2 engraved Colt Peacemakers; "Quick" and "Fast" respectively.
1 Winchester Model 1897 pump-action shotgun; "In A Hurry."

Merely mortal. Fully vulnerable to anything any other average human would be.

Very young, willful, and can be impetuous at times.

Next to no hand-to-hand skills; very heavily reliant upon her guns. Also, her incredible luck only applies when she uses her own weapons.

Fickle Lady Luck!: Sometimes that good luck of hers screws up and she has a streak of rotten, miserable luck. The worst part is, it's impossible to know when the Lady smiles again.

Her family was originally from Louisiana, though they migrated to Georgia, where Angelique was born. Parents deceased; has an older brother who disappeared after being dispatched to Europe at the end of World War I.

-- One Year Later --

After the destruction of the Mark I, a warm reception by the crew of the Blaze of Glory has Angelique interested in seeking reassignment there.

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Angelique La Croix Empty Re: Angelique La Croix

Post by LocheEric on Thu Jun 11, 2009 3:48 pm

Approved, since it was already approved months ago! TThis gets through the char freeze - char freeze is still up.


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