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Post by Shaila on Sat Jun 13, 2009 1:34 pm

IRC Nickname: Shaila
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Jaina

Character Name: Red Hands (nickname)
Original Dimension: Predator/Alien Universe

Race: Yautja
Age: 133
Sex: Male
Height: 7'4''
Weight: 337 lbs.
Likes: Hunting, battle, skinning things alive, books
Dislikes: Betrayal, cowardice, Xenomorphs

Physical Description (Or picture): Red Hands is a young and robust yautja. His skin is a pasty yellow, with very faint black spots on it. As is typical of the predator race, his eyes lack whites, being only yellow with a small black pupil. Long black dreadlocks hang from the side of his head.

His actual face is a horror to behold. It consists of four mandibles that protrude from and surround a small mouth filled with sharp teeth.

Red Hands Yautja
Red Hands B1139649
Red Hands P1The_Predator_Decloaked
Red Hands Predator-unmasked

Powers and Special Abilities:

Mimickry: Yautja are capable of mimicking the voices and languages of others to a degree, though they do not necessarily understand the language they are mimicking.

Strength: Yautja are much stronger than the average human, though not to unreasonable levels. They probably cannot, for instance, lift an average car over their head. They could probably lift it up quite a bit though.

Infra-Red Vision: A yautja's natural vision is infrared, or at least something very similar to it.

Weapons and Gear:

Bio Helmet: Red Hands uses a standard issue Bio Helmet. This helmet's most basic functions are protection during combat, as well as providing him with a breathable atmosphere when necessary.

The helmet also serves as scuba gear underwater, and contains five visual settings: Infrared, Ultraviolet, Microwave Imaging, Low-Light Amplification and Air Density Pressure. The helmet also contains a tracking system for his shoulder-mounted weaponry.
Body Mesh: This is a wire mesh that Red Hands wears under his armor. It provides electric-generated warmth, as well as serving as part of his camouflage device's circuitry, allowing cloaking of unarmored body parts.

Armor: This is a light armor, similar to mail, that covers only the most important body parts. It is capable of resisting acids, such as that of his race's favorite prey, the xenomorphs.

Camouflage Suit: This suit bends light waves around Red Hands, making him practically invisible. The practically part will be addressed in weaknesses.

Wrist Blades: These are twin blades worn on his wrist, having jagged double edges and being sharp enough to tear through bone. His blades are thirteen inches long, and are retractable from a wrist gauntlet, being almost unbreakable.

Shoulder Cannon: This small weapon fires multiple long-range burst of charged plasma, its targeting controlled by the Bio-Helmet's system, and is fired by a mandible-controlled trigger in his helmet.

Medikit: This kit contains surgical blades, crystallised-medicine burner, medicine dispensers, an emergency breather and surgical hypodermics.

Net Gun: This gun shoots a web of razor-sharp wire strong enough to propel the target to the floor or wall and pin them there, cutting into the flesh the more they struggle until they are killed or released.

Combat Staff: This spear can extend from three feet to six feet in length, and the tips on both ends produce electrical charges as they slice through surfaces.

Shuriken: This is carried as a flat circular device, but transforms into a multi-pointed throwing star at the push of a button. It is self charged by an internal power supply, and also has internal computer controlled gyros that return the shuriken to Red Hands.

Self-Destruct Device: Red Hands' last resort, the self destruct device is part of a control panel located on his wrist. Should Red Hand ever end up in a situation where he is dying in combat, he will activate this device to keep his honor. After a one-minute countdown, the device detonates a micro-nuclear explosion.


Water will render his camouflage suit completely inoperable, shorting it out for at least three hours. It is also less effective in fog, rain, dust storms and the like, as his outline can be seen. It does not grant true invisibility, and those alert enough would be able to see a heatwave-like shimmer where he is, especially when he is moving. The suit also only effects mounted and concealed weapons. As soon as a weapon is extended or revealed, it's visible, allowing his opponent to see where he is.

His species bleeds a green, phosphorescent blood which can easily be used to track him if he is bleeding.

Something that shorts out mechanical devices, such as a chaff grenade, can render much of his equipment and weapons useless.

Background: Red-Hands is a predator of Blooded status, meaning he has been trained for the hunt, and successfully killed a xenomorph, having then held the title of Young Blood long enough to be considered a Blooded, but not yet experienced enough to be considered a Warrior.

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Red Hands Empty Re: Red Hands

Post by LocheEric on Sat Jun 13, 2009 3:48 pm

As with the other Mark I crewmembers, approved since it was previously approved before!


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