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Post by Crono on Sun Jun 21, 2009 9:51 pm

IRC Nickname: Crono
Alternate IRC Nickname(s): Derick

Character Name: Samantha Bines
Original Dimension: Selledane (Original)

Race: Human
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 119lbs
Likes: Innovation
Dislikes: Rudeness

Physical Description (Or picture): A young doctor, Samantha has a petite frame lengthy blond hair and a pair of green eyes, covered by a pair of glasses. Her wardrobe varies from different professional setups depending on her appointment for the day, though often sticks with a purple blouse and black slacks to be overdone by a lab coat.
Dr. Samantha Bines Bines

Powers and Special Abilities:

-Marshalship Training: Samantha is an ex-Marshal Third Rank. While no combat specialist, she is trained to take care of herself in the field. She retired very early from her duties.

CoRe Medical and Engineering Certification: Samantha is a fully trained and specialized doctor and surgeon, though mostly only as a side-effect of her desired field, as she actually heals folks through her own magical means. This training is simply to give her an expert view for creating future medical innovations for -all- fields of medical perspective. She is versed and confident in the micromechanics and computing necessary to create such devices.

-Caster: Samantha was displaced at a young age as a studying priestess, though her arts are purely arcane in nature. She was never fond of violence itself, and as such, her only note-worthy repertoire is focused on healing, protection, illusion, and restriction magic. As a Gatekeeper character, only the following is pertinent.

Healing Magic:
[Circle of Healing] - Circle of healing is a literal circle of blue energy, flat, that slides up or across a body or entity. As it passes over basic wounds, it tries to seal them up. This spell is amazingly effective in healing dexterous scuffles that leave cuts and bruises as opposed to major hemorrhages. Size adjustable, and larger is not much of a strain, so much as number effected targets.
[Light of Endurance] - An orb of blue light shines above a target or area, refreshing the stamina of those within. Those feeling general fatigue, winded breath, or similar effects will recover at a boosted rate within this light. This is a particularly strong area to receive true healing in, as well. Size adjustable, though larger areas require greater casting.
[Palm of Faith] - Your standard healing magic, unbiased and uncontrolled, a palm is placed on a subject and healing energy is disbursed evenly and equally throughout the subject, though tends to be more potent on the location of contact.
[Sheen of Life] - A channeled effort that covers a target in a blue hue, putting them in a stasis-like effect that keeps any potentially fatal condition from worsening (bleeding to death, poisoned), best used when a target is unconscious due to this. While they are not hindered in any way, the results are not guaranteed when a target is mobile. Samantha is able to use Palm of Faith and Sheen of Life together.
[Purge of Light] - Attempts to cleanse any unnatural bodily ailments - poison, disease, etc.

Weapons and Gear: Nothing of particular note!

Weaknesses: Samantha has little (if any) real offense. Any such knowledge she hides, relying on her allies to due the dirty work, and is often found trying to use restrictive magic on weakened opponents to lure them to surrender. This has caused issues in the past on both ends.

Background (Please keep this semi-short): Recruited as a Marshal as a teenager after being a dimensional refugee from a fairly magical, medieval world, Samantha trained as Cadet until she became the Head Doctor of a Marshalship vessel. She retired for personal reasons just under a year later and joined the CoRe activities, working her way up as an associate in CTI until she became the Head of the CTI Medical Research Division, where she continues to save lives indirectly through her research and management.

Reason for being on Gatekeeper: Officed in the CTI Outpost division on Gatekeeper, where she can be closer to feedback than the main office planet side.

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