Magical Combat and Tactical Awareness Training

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Magical Combat and Tactical Awareness Training Empty Magical Combat and Tactical Awareness Training

Post by Lucian on Mon Jun 29, 2009 8:18 am

FROM: Capt. Takamachi Nanoha, B.o.G. Magical Combat Instructor
TO: Active Blaze of Glory Crewmembers
CC: Capt. R. Derrison, Maj. J. Egret, Sumeragi Seiya, Ziranathz, Keyona Tay'al, Cytorix, T. Cless, Shishio Yuriko, Maj. J. Foster, Capt. J. Freash
SUBJ: Magical Combat and Tactical Awareness Training

Pursuant to the changes in field operation command structure, and in accordance with the guidelines issued jointly by FO Cdrs. Egret and Sumeragi, I am re-releasing the training schedule available to all ship personnel.

Weekdays 0630-0930 - Physical Conditioning, Joint Operations Training Exercise
This course offers a morning workout regimen followed by a rigorous joint training exercise. Emphasis will be placed on teamwork and force integration. Magical ability is not required overall, however certain targets will require magical action and some will be highly resistant to magical attacks, or certain areas will experience forced magical suppression. Students will be encouraged to learn from and support eachother during these exercises.

Weekdays 0930 - 1300 - Break / Individual Study Time / Lunch
No Magical Combat courses are scheduled during this time. Students are encouraged to attend Master Ruhiim's martial arts training course, which is scheduled during this time, or other training instructors for training of interest.

Weekdays 1300 - 1400 - Classroom Training
This block of time consists of classroom training, regarding the principles of militarily-significant magical combat tactics, team and force structure, and protocol; overall military unit operations and leadership; and basic magic and supernatural principles. Weekly guest lecturers, generally scheduled on Mondays, will supplement standard instructor classes.

Weekdays 1400 - 1600 - Physical Conditioning, Joint Operations Obstacle Course
The classroom training is followed up by another session of physical conditioning, and an obstacle course which further strengthens joint operation teamwork. On days with scheduled guest-lecturers, this time will be used for followup field exercises in the related subject matter.

Weekday Evenings
Students are encouraged to schedule time with Master Ruhiim for advanced training, or other training instructors, during their free time. An optional evening review and question & answer session is available for interested students.

Saturdays 0630 - 1130 - Additional Training and Exercises
This block of time will provide additional training and physical conditioning for students. Training begins with physical conditioning, and ends with a randomly selected obstacle course or combat exercise.

Pursuant to guidelines, all of these courses are considered optional. Students are encouraged to take some, or all, of the offered training available on this ship and on Gatekeeper. Magical experience is not required. All students are expected to learn and adhere to the standardized principles of field operations as specified by the Field Operations commanders.

Magical Instructors Takamachi, Ziranathz, Cytorix, and Tay'al, and Combat Instructors Shishio and Cless are the designated instructors for these training evolutions. Additionally, joint training operations may be conducted with piloting students; Flight Instructors Foster and Freash are the designated instructors for these groups.

If you are interested in attending the training courses outlined above, please sign up in this thread. Please note that this course is not intended to teach students how to cast and use magical spells, but instead how to properly apply magical combat principles to field operations.

-- Capt. Takamachi Nanoha, B.o.G. Magical Combat and Tactical Awareness Instructor

OOC Note: One class a week will be taught ICly by a guest lecturer, covering both the classrom and after-class field exercises.  Also, while the times in the schedule listed are fine and dandy for the realism, they might not always be best for actually getting people to sit down and play.  So, OOC times for the actual RPing of classes should be considered flexible and varied.

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